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  • Hi! I’m Avi from

    I want to meetup someone near my place so that I can discuss more about wordpress and their themes and plugins. I also want to start a big meetup here to have big discussions.

    In Assam, people are not much into blogging or WordPress, so I want to make people aware about these things and spread blogging and wordpress over here.

    So, is anyone there from Assam?

    Let’s work for our state now…

    Join me.

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  • raghavadude


    Oh, I’m from Andhra.
    Too bad man, we got lot of wordpress people out here.
    I run the site
    Hope you run into some members nearby your place. Also try in Facebook groups.

    Yup @raghav. I’ll try to find more people from Assam. Really very less people over here… 🙁

    In assam, people even don’t believe in blogging, they don’t belive in making money from the internet. 🙁

    I blog at But AM Not From Andhra :p .. But AM Soon Coming….

    Hey raghavadude,
    I’m glad to see a Andhra Blogger here.

    I’m living in Andhra and currently blogs at

    Yes, I also keep coming in assam, so where particularly you from? BTW I am having my blog

    Here I go, I use WordPress for my blog and we are based in Mangalore, India.

    I’m AjayUdayagiri from [Stop advertising your website]
    I’m glad to see you all here. I’m from Andhra pradesh and i would like to meetup bloggers there. My journey to Assam can’t be made possible right now.

    Hello,i am a part time blogger from uttar pradesh india and i have been in assam for 2 years and i miss that place…Currently i am working on my new blog and i started that blog when i was in assam, so you can’t say people in assam do not do blogging..

    I am from Mumbai … I meetup here would be awesome

    Hell Dear

    i am from Hojai assam, i am also a blogger my website is
    i got 1600+ visitors everyday.
    i wanna join that meeting

    Interesting, my bad luck I am from Kerala and currently blogs at

    [links deleted per the forum guidelines]

    Hey Avi Im from Gujarat. But Interested to attend a meetup.

    I come to assam very often, exactly where you from particularly belongs to. So we can meet up there and discuss further on blogging. [link removed]

    AviJit, I am from Mohali, India. I am interested but my parents will not allow me :(. Btw your blog is good. Check out Mine and give me some tips please. My Blog is [link removed]

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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