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  • Hello,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but we need a wordpress template created for a non-profit org. This is a paid project that we need completed by this monday (2/14). I’ll be available to answer any questions all weekend.

    I have all of the content that needs to go up, I just need someone to design the template. If you are interested, please PM or contact me through this web form:


    Overall, the site should look very similar to and

    The header of our page should look a lot like Equality Maryland. Logo, tagline, etc need to go up there. Not sure if we need the email box or not.

    Below that, the navigational bar. The links we require are listed in this document under the section TOP LINKS. Please bear in mind that some of these will be drop-downs. This need to be done with css, not images, in case we change the text of the menus.

    On the front page, there should be slideshow graphic of gay and lesbian quotes very similar to the NECC page. Off to the right of the image should be SIGN UP FOR COALITION and DONATE. We would like to include a little blurb here. I would prefer to do this section with CSS instead of images in case we need to change it.

    We like the colors and style of the Equality MD site better than NECC, but the slideshow and right bar layout looks better on NECC (specifically, we like how the quotes are part of the image and the image is bigger, and we like the little blurb on the NECC page and want something like that instead of two giant buttons as the EMD site shows)

    On the home page below all of this (“Below the fold”), we need the news being displayed from our blog. On the right hand side, we may choose to put announcements or some kind of thing like EMD has, or we may just want to make it single column 100% width – please design this so it is flexible and easy to change if we need to.

    We need a “Follow us on Facebook & Twitter & RSS” text/icons somewhere. YouTube might be a good idea to include, but I’d need to talk to the others about it.

    Other Pages, Salsa Integration:
    Other pages will be a mixture of word press and salsa pages. The template needs to be done in a way that is compatible with Salsa ( Basically, the user should have no idea that they are visiting a salsa page or a wordpress page (other than looking at the URL). It should have the same look and feel. If you haven’t used Salsa before, we can always call up support and ask them how we go about doing that.

    There are layout templates (page template, email template) for salsa. We will need you to build these for us. I think they are mostly css/html. They should follow the overall look/theme of the site to match our brand.

    My understanding is that we build a wrapper around the salsa templates – so we say “here is all the header junk, here is all the footer junk, and then the content of that pages is displayed in the middle. But I could be wrong – need to ask salsa people.

    This section just has basic contact information, etc about our organization. Similar to what EMD did.


    About Us
    Religious Coalition
    Why Marriage?
    Press Releases
    Photos & Videos * (don’t have yet)
    -includes: Fact Sheets
    Take Action
    Join the Coalition (maybe WP) — need to build multiple categories for survey
    Volunteer– First/Last, Address, Phone, Email (all fields required)
    Contact your Legislators
    Sign the Petition (maybe)
    Write a Letter to the Editor

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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