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    I’ve been playing with the latest 2.5 build (trunk) and have noticed that the admin area seems remarkably slow in comparison to an installation of 2.3 on exactly the same host, using exactly the same data.

    Whilst 2.3 snapped between pages at speeds almost comparable to localhost, 2.5 seems to spend a lot of time negotiating something or other. Firefox flicks between “Waiting for XXX…” and “Transferring data from XXX” numerous times for each page load, but I can’t work out what it’s actually doing.

    Just wondering if anyone else has observed this.

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  • Hmm, weird. Disabling and then reactivating all my plugins seemed to fix the problem, even though I’ve got all the same ones running as I did whilst encountering the problem.

    Maybe one of them does something that needs to be reinitialised upon activation. Whatever the case, all clear now.

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