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  • Hello,

    So starting last week it appears that my new posts are not showing in google search results. I test my sitemap and it shows up in the list and I have no crawl errors or any other apparent issues.

    my site:

    My posts used to show up in google search anywhere from 2 to 12 hours.

    I do find that I’m able to use the url submission tool, but I don’t want to have to rely on that given I only have a limited number I can submit monthly and if that stops working as well.

    The issue started on July 10th. On the 9th I updated my wordpress to its current software version as well as updated my Yoast SEO plugin. The post I did afterwards on that day showed up shortly.

    The morning of the 10th I tried to access my hostgator hosted site and the server was down for about an hour. Afterwards I submitted the post and over a day later no results.

    According to hostgator tech support the server issue shouldn’t effect new posts.

    So my question is;

    (a) is the tech support agent incorrect? Could that have been a factor?
    (b) could the wordpress updates affect this even if the one I posted after I did the updates showed up in google shortly afterwards?
    (c) or is this an issue on google’s end through either a panda update or some other switch-up affecting more than just my site?

    Webmaster tools is showing no present errors and sitemap is current, so I’m a bit perplexed. And when I submit the url to google (So far) it’s indexed quickly, so don’t know why it’s not doing it the automated way anymore?

    I’ve tried getting answers on Yoast’s forum to no avail, so thought I’d try here as well. I’ve also submitted a thread to google webmaster forums to cover all the bases.

    This is a post I submitted yesterday afternoon but is only showing in google search as breadcrumbs:

    Top 20 Best Movie Sequels Of All Time

    Thanks for listening,


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