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  • Has anyone else been noticing a recent spat of blank pages when using WordPress? (Apparently not, since all I can more immediately find in searches are references to new installations or more specific issues like plugin conflicts.)

    Our site has been up and running for a while, so it’s no new installation.
    It’s updated to ver 3.5.1 (and has been for a few months at least; Feb was the last time I did a major update, which was probably to 3.5.1); and we’re using a customized version of WordPress’ Twenty Ten theme.

    We had a complaint recently where a user is seeing only a blank page. They had been following our site for a long while with no problem (even had it as their start page), and this started just recently. They’re using IE (and tested on Opera, too, of all the browsers); tested on several computers and a tablet at home, as well as at their church. I’m trying to get version-specific info out of them.

    I’ve never seen a problem at work or at home, largely using Firefox, sometimes Chrome; don’t see any issues in IE 10 right now. BUT! I do see an issue on my phone (an Android Samsung Galaxy SII). It loads (and if I’m on a slow connection, I’ll see it loading for a while, piece by piece); then once finished, blammo! Blank white page.

    Going to another WordPress site I’m often asked to compare against:
    They have a mobile theme set up apparently, which I do not. So my phone has no issue, but if I browse this site using IE10 on my desktop, the page goes through some various loading phases, I can see some content load, and then, plunk, empty page showing only the site’s background image (mottled grey). This is IE 10 on Windows 7 x64.

    All the code is loaded. (I compared the source against what Firefox returns, when it’s displaying properly.)

    In a moment, I’m going to review the chunks of CSS from Twenty Ten relating to mobile to see if they offer any clues.
    Aside, perhaps, from theme-incompatibilities (which, if so, why has it taken a while to manifest?), and new posts and other user content, what else? The only other changes I’ve made recently (this year) have been to sidebar-content (incl adding Google AdSense); and displaying and formatting the pagination feature for comments (vs “older posts”/”newer posts” links) cf .
    If it’s a plugin incompatibility, A) why now? B) why is this other site having a similar issue in IE for me? whereas my own site is not?

    Another user on my work network is still in IE8/Windows XP, and has been loading the site alright (albeit with complaints of slowness and crashing [once], which may or may not be related to recent changes, because they seem to be issues with scripts). And that IE8 loads without incident.

    So I seem to be seeing various issues with mobile and/or IE10/maybe IE9. Is anybody else?

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  • WPyogi


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    It’s unlikely anyone else’s site is relevant unless they happen to have the same site on the same server … More specific info about what browser(s) have issues would be helpful.

    If it’s IE, checking for validation errors is always a good step:

    My main thinking in comparing the other site is to see whether WordPress might have certain issues with IE10 because IE10 is so new. WP itself doesn’t recognize it. So, will definitely have to get more info from the other user to clarify that issue.

    Comparing to a site that has a mobile theme can help figure out whether my phone’s issue is w/ WP itself or a lack of mobile theme; and from that, too, whether my phone’s issue is at all relevant to the user’s IE issue. Very suspicious that the issues are similar – that’s why my thinking goes towards comparing other WP sites.



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    That’s really theme-specific OR IE10 issues – some people have had issues but most of the ones I’ve seen have turned out to be IE10 settings.

    Themes are the main difference, not WP.



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    Do you know if your theme has been updated – or what this version number refers to ?

    Theme Name: RJJ
    Theme URI:
    Description: Customization of the 2010 theme from WordPress. For specific information about the structure and intent of this theme, please reference the default 2010 theme files and documentation.
    Author: MaryJanesFarm
    Version: 1.0
    License: GNU General Public License
    License URI: license.txt
    Tags: white, gold, two-columns, fixed-width, custom-header, custom-background, threaded-comments, sticky-post, translation-ready, microformats, rtl-language-support, editor-style, custom-menu

    Is that your version or twentyten version 1.0 – if the latter, that’s pretty old – might be a factor as well.

    Validation turns up some things. Though I don’t know for sure, I’d have a hard time believing they’d kill a page.

    Since I’ve declared the newer HTML5 Doctype, the vast majority of the errors pertain to me having left name attributes on some images and all the old cellspacing/cellpadding-type attributes on tables wherever I’ve used them, mostly in the header.
    It reports an issue w/ the Facebook XMLNS, of course; and an issue with a style element inserted at the bottom of the body element.

    For CSS, there was only one margin-bottom that should’ve been a margin, and a bunch of -moz and -webkit statements it didn’t like, mostly for border-radius, and some to do with the CSS I was going to look at (that came in Twenty Ten) -webkit-text-size-adjust for “=Mobile Safari”.

    That’s just me changing the comments that came with Twenty Ten to reflect that I had changed it. 🙂 They effectively mean nothing, since it’s not exactly a distributable theme. It’s been that way for the life of this site.

    So, also, no, I haven’t updated the theme to capture anything that might’ve happened to Twenty Ten since I first made the theme, or that might’ve been improved in Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve.

    I could certainly imagine it’s largely themes that are the issue.
    I could also imagine my theme doesn’t do so well on mobile, having had no thought put to that – though it shouldn’t just go blank after loading, unless all non-mobilized sites did that on my phone (which they don’t). I don’t have anything that complex going on.

    It just seems the oddest thing, and I’m having troubles imagining what to even ask the visitor to troubleshoot, if they’ve been viewing the site all along and only just started having problems. Even if they updated to IE10, that can’t be it, because no one around my network has had obvious issues – if they use IE, they’re on IE10 now (except the one XP user who refuses to be upgraded).

    The only aspect that has been getting modified much is adding more Javascript to handle things like randomizing the display order of content in the sidebar. But if that works for me and my other network users here, it should be good in general. And it shouldn’t make a whole page go blank, unless JQuery is not working well on newer browsers. Can’t imagine that … just like WordPress having issues en-masse. These are staples of the web, and so if a new browser doesn’t play well with them, I’d think there’d be a large stink being raised.

    I can imagine that I would write or modify code such that it messes up in particular circumstances; but given that I can see another WordPress site “blanking out” in [whatever version of] IE, that suggests there’s something more occurring than just errors that I myself created. Could be plugins we both happen to have in common.

    Then again, all the issues I’ve seen could, of course, be 100% unrelated.



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    How old is your site – twentyten has been updated along the way to maintain compatibility with WP core and enable various new features and possibly fix any security issues. So that might be an issue. Or not.

    There are a lot of variables so it’s really a process of elimination to try to narrow down possible causes of problems like this. The first standard troubleshooting steps are to deactivate all plugins and switch to a current default theme – twentytwelve. Then see if you still have the issue on your phone. If not, reverse the steps one by one to see when the problem re-occurs.



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    Cross-posted with your most recent one – and the IE10 issues are likely THEIR settings on IE.



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    Pretty sure there’s no JS errors, because I’m not so comfortable with JS, so I usually check it pretty well (and it mostly just plain ol’ doesn’t work when I do get errors).
    AdSense show_ads was displaying an error in Firefox with an asynchronous document.write(); but I just decided to remove AdSense for a bit while troubleshooting. So that’s gone now.

    I can’t believe this is an error in IE’s console:
    SEC7115: :visited and :link styles can only differ by color. Some styles were not applied to :visited.
    hehe hehe Apparently someone had problems with that. Holy hyper-control fetish, batman.
    OK. I’m done now.

    Yep, pretty sure there’re no JS errors.

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    Can’t imagine that … just like WordPress having issues en-masse. These are staples of the web, and so if a new browser doesn’t play well with them, I’d think there’d be a large stink being raised.

    WordPress core and whatever theme you are using are two different animals; the theme is front end and can be buggy, depending how how it has been developed.

    You may not have any obvious JS errors that show in dev tools, but the theme is loading two copies of the main jQuery library, both old versions, and that will conflict with plugins and newer browsers. And you’re preloading images in a very “old school” JS fashion, and your layout is based on tables, too. And you simply can’t change to an HTML5 doc type and hope the theme will work; you have to adapt the css and html to reflect and be compatible with that doctype.

    Check your validation errors: [Invalid] Markup Validation of journal – W3C Markup Validator. Scroll down in the validation report to see line numbers and source code.

    Well, here’s a juicy tidbit. Now that I’ve removed AdSense, my phone is no longer blanking out.
    And, paid a visit to the only other site I’ve placed AdSense on (non-WP) – that site also does not display: loads, then *poof* blank white.

    So, my phone (at least) does not like AdSense. Funny, given it’s Android OS.

    1 down; 1 to go.
    I’ll have to wait now to hear back from our visitor with the blank screen who uses IE.

    I was going to try the SCRIPT_DEBUG on my test WP installation, but the only thing I had to see whether that helps was my phone. Since AdSense took care of its issue, I no longer care about that.

    Resetting IE didn’t help on my computer. Since I haven’t had any issues w/ IE for my own site, that doesn’t exactly matter much anyway.

    Well, thanks for all the prodding and prompting on things to check, WPyogi! I’ll let you know if I hear back from our user.


    Well, now you’re raining on my parade.
    I hadn’t noticed the duplicate JQuery library. I’m assuming the 2nd is Jetpack. I’ll just have to get rid of the request I had originally.
    At this point, until I know better, I’m just setting sites to pull in a static version of JQuery so I know it won’t go and change on me. Thus, if my JS worked when I made it, better bet than relying on it remaining stable with the web’s love for constant change.

    As for the old-school stuff, I would love to update it. At the time, it was the only way I knew to reliably and quickly get the design to work. Relying on JS, CSS, and user’s having newer browsers … that’s not an option for the audience I’m often building for. (I’m still always holding my breath when I push the envelope with all this fancy CSS 2 on the sites I build. Thank heavens for JQuery, or I’d have had to abandon all JS, since I could never make it work reliably across browsers with my knowledge level, even w/ the internet as a reference. I still often have to answer for having tried to do something “fancy” or “modern”.)
    I still don’t know that I could build a more reliable structure today than a table for the stupid design I was handed; and not risk any given browser deciding to add its own space, or dump something down to a new line, or display nothing because there’s no real content but a background-image. Not without using lots of CSS/JS/browser-specific hacks and tricks and such, which I hate.

    As for changing the Doctype, not to be smart, but I did change it, and it did work. And has worked fabulously for years. If new browser versions come along and play properly with HTML, CSS, JS, etc and mess up my mojo… well, that’s something else and I’ll have to be utterly proper, then, with my HTML markup.
    I understand that does make it hard for others to troubleshoot and to trust my design decisions aren’t the issue.

    So I hear you that it’s more likely the theme on any given issue; but given that the only changes were sidebar images, some Javascript, and the post content, and when I see things working well on all the browsers I have access to (ignoring mobile), what with all the other frequent updates in browsers and platforms and such, there’s no way I can assume even WordPress remains viable across all platforms, esp given it’s last update was in Feb or earlier (eeeeons ago).
    That’s why I came running here to check on issues. 🙂

    Heck, to my point: I would think that Google AdSense would be unquestionable. It’s Google! But, there it is having issues on my Android phone.
    Having said that, though, I obviously must troubleshoot what you mentioned about duplicate JQuery calls and how such things possibly cause conflicts in plug-ins and other grab-n-go code; as well as the modification I made to the code Google handed out, so I could not have ads display on my test site, but also not fiddle with the code every time I jump between pasting the sidebar content in my test site and my live site.

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