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  • I imported my blog (two whole months worth LOL) from typepad. I did that all successfully, but when I began posting in October, none of the previous posts would show up…not even a place to click ‘back’ to see the previous entry. I tried everything and ended up deleting the theme I was using and re-uploading another. This seemed to work (sort of) as after I added another entry, it showed up above the previous one (the rest of October was still not showing up, but I figured at least if it worked from this point forward it would be fine.) Well, that was short lived because now the blog is back to showing ONLY the latest entry! This is absolutely maddening! I like as I have it hosted through my yahoo website, and I like that it’s easy to change themes, etc. And, to change to another blog would mean starting over as I see NO WAY to export the posts so I feel I’m now stuck with

    Does anyone have any idea why my posts won’t show more than the most recent one? btw…if I view archives, all of September will show, as will August.



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