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  • I want to concentrate on blogging, not coding. Is there anyone doing designs for others who I may contact and commission a redesign on my site?

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  • The problem with this type of post is that pro designers (and I hasten to add I do not consider myself to be one) would not, out of protocol, wish to advertise in this forum. They might contact you by email but a google search for web designers + blogs or WordPress might get you a better result, faster.

    The problem that I have with pro designers contacting me by e-mail is that I’d quickly disregard it as SPAM.
    While WordPress is still in its infancy, I’d appreciate any recommendations from other WP users of designers who do good work as well as those to avoid.

    Well maybe if you chose a subject line they could use, and adjusted your spam filter everybody would be happy.

    i like spam, esp. with eggs.
    btw the wiki also has active members doing design work. and the user profiles sometimes do tell more, too!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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