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  • Hi,

    A while back I was playing around and messing with themes and just trying to get a good look for my blog. Anyway I updated K2 only to forget that I had changed things in K2s core files. Obviously they got overwritten and I lost pretty much everything.

    So I suppose I should list my problems:

    In IE there is a white border around the page, for some reason FF no longer shows that. I would like the white border to appear in FF.

    I have a rotating banner. I used to use a php script but then chucked that and I am using K2s option. However sometimes the banner image will rotate to a blank banner. It does this quite often.

    The unselected tab (pages you are not on) need to be a little lighter black

    The blog text where I moan like a little emo needs to be white.

    The blog description text in the top left side of the banner is showing up again. I did write a tiny piece of CSS to get rid of this but for some reason it’s being ignored.

    I have been playing around and its like some parts of my theme are being ignored. For instance sidebar.php is being ignored when I add things to it so I guess I have to use the sidebar widgets now?

    Website is Also I should note that some of the banners might be NSFW. They are a little raunchy.

    Also if anybody can help I would like to learn while I am fixing the CSS so if you could explain what I am changing etc. that would be great

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