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  • Sorry Moshu, I am new here and I thought maybe I posted in the wrong forum. You didn’t have to been such a….

    ANYWAY i really love my theme (I am using Freshy 1.0 so I do not want to find a new 3-column theme, does anyone have some useful advice for me?

    I am trying to add a 3rd column (2nd side bar) to my website. I have searched through the forum and tried some of the suggested sollutions but my knowledge of PHP and CSS seems not to be enough, so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

    my website is

    Thanks again!

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  • You’d get more help if you didnt triple post the same thing over and over, for starters.

    Go up to the search box at the top of the page, and type in “add a column” or “add a third column”. You might get something coming up saying “no results.” Make sure the boxes for Documentation and the Support Forums are both checked. You’ll get many results that might help you, if you’ve got the patience to try to learn a bit of coding.

    Otheriwse, do as Moshu suggested and go to the theme viewer and get a layout that is already three columns, I’m sure there are several that are quite similar to your curent theme.

    I have to agree with msadventures. Sorry. Moshu WAS helping you by pointing you in the right direction to help yourself.

    It is not easy to take a 2 column theme and turn it into a 3 column one. It takes a LOT of time to redo all of the associated coding, spacing and such. It is not as simple as copy and paste a command and it is magickly reformatted. When the themes are built, they are built at specific sizes and placements of the coloums and such. If it were that easy, just one version of the theme would be released and no more would be necessary because you could just enable the 3rd column at whim.

    thanks for the replies. sorry i didnt intend to double or even triple post… i got no replies on the first one so i thought i posted in the wrong place, and my second post moshu closed it after giving me comments that to a new member of this community appeared smug and rude. maybe they were not meant to be that way, but that is how they came off.

    but by telling to pick a new theme that does not help me at all since i do not want to change my theme.

    like i said in OP, i have tried searchign the forum but have not had any sucess with the sollutions offered.

    thank you for your response, anyone else got any advice? thanks in advance.

    msadventure… i have yet to seen any themes “similar” to Freshy 1.0 have you seen it before? or did you just assume? if you have seen a similar one could you please show me? i would really appreciate it! thanks!

    Wouldn’t it be just as easy to see if the Freshy theme author, could make up a third column version of it? Just wondering..


    yeah it would. actually i already tried that abotu two weeks ago. no response from him yet.

    Ah ok, maybe try again, and again, like you have been here.. =P He/She probably just busy of course.. but yeah, maybe try sending another email once.. k


    Your blog is beautiful. I’m thinking that, if you don’t know how to add a column, it may be fairly difficult to learn how to do it on a live blog. If you’re going to attempt to do it yourself, I’d suggest creating a second blog for testing purposes before moving the new design to your “live” blog.

    All my sarcasm aside now, I would do like DianeV said above.. then like moshu said before, find a three column theme from here.

    Then, when ya found a nice, fairly simple three column theme, tweak that one, to look just like the Freshy theme you have now..

    Maybe take the same exacty color scheme, imagery, and so forth.. and add it to that three column theme.. Just throwing out, what I would do.. 😉


    You could also follow Podz’s guide here, for setting up Xampp Lite on your computer.. and do all this theme editing, right on your own computer, online or offline.

    DV and spenc, thanks for the good advice, i really appreciate your ideas and input! thanks again!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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