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  • I’m thinking about buying Zend Studio because of the Profiler and debugging capabilities. If you’ve got experience with the program I’d appreciate your feedback. I’m currently using Maguma and am thinking that I might just be better off sending them money.
    So, concerning Zend Studio: Do you like it? Is it worth $200? Is the plus version worth the extra $50?

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  • hmm. a non wp related question…
    1 from me too.
    I need a feature comparision table between DW and FP for a college assignment.
    Anyone any idea where I can get 1?
    WTF the college professers think we are? Idiots?

    DreamWeaver: Rocks
    FrontPage: Sucks
    Think he’ll accept that?
    Personally, I tend to use text editors for most of my HTML work. HTML-Kit is pretty nice.

    FrontPage is way too proprietary. Plus, the third-party development of extensions for Dreamweaver is head and shoulders about FrontPage. I went from FP to DW. The whole community is way better than FP, and a LOT of free stuff is available for you to add value to DW.
    Maybe FP2003 is different. Maybe I can hold my breath for eight hours, too. 🙂

    Not really. FP2003 is more of the same with more obfuscated code and terrible templates. 🙂

    Anybody have comments about Zend?
    BTW, I’ve got nothing but horror stories with customers who started out in FP. I’m still handcoding my HTML.

    I tried the Zend Studio because i was interested in the php debugging as well. I don’t know if i just didnt configure my setup right (old powerbook g3 running mac os X) or what but I couldn’t get it to work. I do know you can try it for free and if you like it, then you can buy it.
    Also, please don’t take this wrong- but I think Frontpage is a bad way to go because of its proprietary nature. You would get cleaner code from Dreamweaver. I switched to Dreamweaver after having started with GoLive 5 and am at the point now where i only use it for it’s FTP capabilities. I kind of code by hand now and double check everything with the W3C validator. Taco HTML is supposed to be pretty good…

    Just to further this non-WP thread: The plain-ol’ text editing capabilities of DW rock! Since the MX version, they’ve integrated most of the old CF Studio/HomeSite functionality. It’s got good tag auto-completion (type a tag, for example, and it generates the closing tag automatically), code hints (start typing a tag, and…if turned on in preferences, it will pop up a list of available attributes for that tag…select an attribute, and it’ll insert it with an expty set of quotes), tag coloring, etc. Since I always select “Make file XHTML compliant” when creating a new page, it’ll even add the closing “/” on image tags, etc. Add to that the built-in validation, built-in O’Reilly tag documentation, excellent site management, and a host of other great features. If you’ve ever created (or integrated) web services, the introspection feature is great, also…
    I do all of my hand-coding in DW, and use it’s built-in secure FTP and site mgmt. So, for example, if I change the name of a file/directory/or image, DW will update *all* the links anywhere in my site that were pointing to the old location/name. If I, for example, decide I want to categorize all the images in my /images folder into sub folders: /images/headers, /images/icons, /images/photos, etc., when I drag the images into the newly created folders, DW updates my links for me. Totally rocks.
    Oh yeah, and DW has integrated the Lift accessibility suite (whereas it’s an add-on for FP), and DW won’t TOUCH code you’ve created in other apps (unlike FP, which will rewrite the living daylights out of the code until it’s a complete mess), unless you tell it to (using the “Clean up HTML”, “Clean up Word HTML”, or the optional “Clean up FrontPage HTML” menu items.)
    I could go on for days…

    perhaps i should stay quiet. or else matt will declare me a troll… :S
    thansk people anywayz. i got more than i bargained for! 😀

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