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    Anybody know what plugin is the one that displays small lil’ icons under “recent comments”?
    I’ve seen it once or twice on a blog… but now I can’t find those blogs because I didn’t save them to ask the owner.
    Anybody know what I’m talking about?

    It’s almost like gravatar but incorporated to show on the sidebar next to the those who have left a recent comment.

    Any help would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance!

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  • what kind of icon? author icon? category icon? or just the same icon over and over for each comment?

    author icon.
    Like gravatar.
    Is is possible to incorporate gravatar to display that way?

    Found one of the blogs that has it!
    check it out

    [their recent comments]

    I’m using the Recent Comments plugin:

    After you install/activate it you go into OPTIONS and select RECENT COMMENTS there is a section for configuring gravatars, labelled appropriately GRAVATARS.

    Good stuff.

    OMG, thank you so much!
    I was going to contact you guys but I didn’t know “who” to direct the question to since there are a couple of you there. *blush* I didn’t want to bother you guys.

    You’re the best, thanks again!

    ok question.
    How do I get it to show up?
    I know
    %gravatar – Gravatar of the commenter, full img tag
    %gravatar_url – Gravatar of the commenter, only url

    will make it show up.
    Where exactly do I insert it. What is it supposed to look like? I’m very unsure about this.

    This is the way it is set-up now:

  • %comment_author: %comment_excerpt
  • Again, not sure where to add the gravatar option.


    Can anybody help?
    Thank you.

oh, never mind… I was brave enough to try to figure it out on my own again and it worked.

Gravatars for comments are super cool!

But based on that Girlspoke site, my question is:

How do you get the author images to appear beside their respective posts?

That’s a good trick.

dss: I use the Author Image plugin: You need to create the images you want to use and make sure their filenames refers to the user # which you’ll find on the USERS section, then insert <?php c2c_the_author_image() into the main template.

And LaBella, glad you got it working. I use the following code to configure my recent comments:

  • %gravatar %comment_author on: %post_title
  • Thanks girlspoke!

    Really dig your multi user site. Very cool!

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