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  • I’m just wondering. My blog has been up for about three months and its been fine till now but it seems a bot of some kind keep posting spam in my comments. I would prefere not to have to turn comment moderation on so I am wondering if anybody else is experiencing this and if so does it eventually stop?

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  • Spam? Heck Id be pleased to get any traffic at all 😉

    Have you banned the spammers IP? It’s easy for spammers to get round that, of course, but it can be a deterrent.

    Any way to ban them via WP? Or can you post how the best way to ban the ip’s? I left MT because of comment spam and want to make sure I can deal with it on WP.

    Get the Blacklist for comments hack.

    I get a fairly regular trickle of SPAM comments. I’ve set moderation to only notify me if there are five or more links in the message, as well as adding all of the suggested SPAM words listed in the Wiki. The only for-sure way to stop comment SPAM is to not allow comments, otherwise it’s something we all have to live with for the time being.

    well, I am receiving about 10 SPAM comments per post (maybe it is because, among other things, I talk about politics. Not a long time ago, a guy hacked my blog and added pics and logos of the opposition political party)
    I have installed the Blacklist, anyway, it hasnt worked very much.
    Maybe someone can make a script, that for example, the comments cant be longer that X words. I dont know how long your Spam-comments are, but in my blog they are about 2.000 words.

    There’s a few approaches. One is a blacklist — I use one myself, combo of domain and IP banning. Works pretty well.
    The other approach is a keyword scanner — which I think is what NM is referring to. Check out the Wiki, as it should be up there.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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