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    My menu consists only of “Home” and only logged in users are allowed to see it. This also works but if you are logged out, so you enter the page, then all menu items of UM are in the menu (account, sign-out etc.).

    The pages created by UM I have also equipped with a restriction but that did not help. They are still displayed in the menu. Only after logging in, the menu items disappear and there is then only “Home”.

    How can I prevent that a not logged in user can no longer see the UM menu items?

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    Okeeey? I added all the menu items to the menu and removed them except for the start page, and lo and behold, now only the start page is displayed. This seems to be a bug?

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    Hello @f4k3s

    Do you have any other menu-related plugins installed on your website? I suggest you do a plugins/theme conflict test on your site to see if there is a conflict. Please follow this article to know how you can do plugins/theme conflict tests on your site.

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    Hey there!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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