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  • I think this is the most annoying thing I noticed on WordPress. WordPress allows filtering people from commenting on your blog. I recently banned a troller on my blog and I was utterly surprised to see that the guy posted another comment on my blog using my own name and email ID, even though I was logged in on my PC. This is pure stupid. How come WordPress never took care of this issue?

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  • How come WordPress never took care of this issue?

    Maybe because you haven’t raised the issue on trac yet? 🙂

    Quickest way to prevent that is to require registration for leaving comments on your blog. That way the commenter would have to have an account and verify their email address with the system. They wouldn’t be able to use your own information, they would have to leave their own.

    One idea if you want to raise the issue on trac I would think would be to check to see if the commenter matches a current account or email address in the blog already.

    There’s a plugin that confirms the email address of a commenter as well. We discussed it earlier today, either here or on the mu forums but I can’t find it right off.

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