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  • Looking for suggestions for an alternate cms to move my website to. Would appreciate any suggestions. I cannot use WP anymore in the state it’s in. Maybe this new version should have been developed as a separate cms altogether instead of destroying a good thing.

    The death of WP. Very sad.

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  • Also interested in escaping. I’ve installed the consolation prize Classic Editor plugin (set to be phased out) but this dictatorial move has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Things are going to get better (hopefully), but if your mind is made up, try ClassicPress, it is a WordPress fork, without Gutenberg. All things should work fine for now (themes, plugins, etc…), but they are discussing making some important changes, like to the REST API, removing the customizer, etc…, which will break many themes and plugins. But for now, and if you don’t want to live with the 3 year deadline of the “Classic Editor” plugin, this could be a viable choice, where at least for now, it is WordPress 4.9.x re-branded…

    My biggest fear with forks is that, can I really trust 10-15 guys that came out of nowhere can really handle important future updates, like security? At least the WP core guys are doing this for 15 years, they built the whole thing, and pretty much know the ins and outs, despite how many disagree the things they are building. Personally, I think Gutenberg is miles away to be production ready, but things will get better with time… It is, what it is, we have to deal with reality…

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    @nick6352683 I’m not sure I share your optimism and I certainly don’t share your fatalism. This isn’t “reality;” it’s unreal.

    The decision to foist the Gutenberg mess on us was made by people, not by a Deity or force of nature, so the mistake can be reversed if those people are willing to listen to reason.

    If they are determined to dictatorially ram this down our throats, then we can rebel ….

    Now back to the question of alternatives. Well, I suppose if they are determined to turn WordPress into Wix, why wouldn’t I just choose Wix and consolidate everything under a different master?

    Friends! I was also unable to update my posts and pages although I have been using this kinda editor on but that is very simple and good and this gutenberg one has totally pushed down our sites to zero as we have not been able to update the site for many days. I think it is a good change but not everyone can run after diagnosing and solving themes’ and plugins’ compatibility kind of issues. Not everyone has that much technical knowledge; at least I don’t have. I have just installed a plugin “Disable Gutenberg” by Jeff Starr and tada I am back to my old editor. At least now I can update and do my work. You better do the same without wasting your time on looking for this and that kind of compatibility stuff. Hope this works for many.

    Have you considered moving to the classic editor by installing the classic editor plugin?

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    1) Classic Editor has been suggested, as well as Disable Gutenberg. Give one a try.

    2) This really isn’t a support topic, so I’m closing it. If you have questions about how to use the new editor, please start a new topic in “Fixing WordPress”. If questions about one of the plugins mentioned above, please ask in their fora.

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