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  • Hi

    I was wondering if somebody would be interested in creating a plugin for me. Of course you would be paid for the work.

    I have a wordpress blog

    with about 10 different categories set up.

    I use a piece of software called rss2blog which I
    load up with articles that posts to the blog every
    3 days or so.

    At the time being every time it makes a post it posts
    to the same category.

    What I need is for it to post to any one of the
    categories randomly when a post is made.

    I know this is possible to do if you want to post
    in the future to your blog but I just find it really
    time consuming setting it all up and thats why I am
    looking for a faster solution.

    I also want the choice of being able to post the
    information to more than one category as well.

    So basically I need it to be able to post to one
    category randomly or in a sequence as well as to
    multiple categories.

    This should be a plugin that I can activate in
    the plugin section of wordpress and then make
    the necessary changes within wordpress in the
    options section or wherever you think is best.

    Please keep the interface for this plugin very simple
    when I have to make the changes within the options
    section for this plugin to work.



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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