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  • This is probably is silly question, but does a program like Go-Live enable us to see and modify pages/sheets used in WordPress?

    I thought so…

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  • Anything with which you can edit html can edit php like is used in wp.

    If you use GoLive (as I do), and you use its features to auto upload/sync file changes, then you need to NOT allow it to automatically updates links in the WP files according to GL’s default. When you add WP files to a GL site, whenever presented with the dialog box to update URL’s within files, just uncheck everything to allow them to remain as they are. Otherwise GL will replace all the internal links with what it THINKS they should be and it becomes a mess. But if you do this simple thing, it’s really nice to have GL’s editing and site management features. Hope this helps.

    That helps. So you can rebuild pages, graphics, etc. like any other page in GL?

    I have not used the automatic features, and always save to my harddrive, then uplink using CuteFTP. I presume I can continue to do that?

    I only have 5.0, which does not read WP. What version of GL do you have?

    Thanks for taking the time.

    I’m currently using CS and used 6.0 with no problems. My memory going back to 5.0 is flaky, but I’m sure I wasn’t using WP back then.

    I’m confused by the “does not read WP” statement. At least from 6.0 on, GL has the ability to read and write pages in PHP. Under my GL menu I find File | New Special | PHP Script to create pages from scratch, and double-clicking pages with a .php ending automatically opens them after first asking me to select a character set. Don’t know whether this helps or hinders. 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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