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  • sorry for the vague title, couldn’t think of a better way to state it. here’s the quick story:

    all posts in my blog are of a similar format
    1) post title
    2) large picture
    3) a single paragraph of text
    4) misc (could be another image, a swf, more text paragraphs, a few related links, etc.)

    i’m trying to squeeze a “digg” button around just the first paragraph of text, #3 above. i’ve tried a few ways, but just can’t figure out a working way.

    my first attempt used CSS to place the digg button using “position: absolute” to plop it in beneath the title and picture, 1 and 2 above. i got the digg button in the proper spot, but because it wasn’t actually “there”, the text wouldn’t wrap around.

    my second attempt tried to use CSS to style just the <P> tag for item #3 above. i figured i could make that column narrower, then place a column for the digg button at its side. however, i couldn’t figure if it was possible to style just a single P tag (and because i don’t want to retroactively add a named div to my thousands of older posts, i had to play with just the default code)

    for my third attempt… i came here! 🙂 any better ideas?

    if it helps, here’s a page to give you a general idea of the overall format:

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  • Joni


    I think you’ll need to write a little function that applies a filter to the post content, to either inject your bit of code at the right point or do a bit of fancy styling.

    I’m short on ideas here otherwise. The only other thing I can think of is trying to customise an existing plugin that (looks like it) does something very similar:

    @jonimueller – thanks for the links, though I fear that’s getting a bit too deep for what I’d want. While some look like they could work, it just seems like too much stuff for just something simple.

    @alism – thanks, that plugin actually might work! (despite the age). …and… actually… that specific plugin is also pretty cool! 🙂



    Well I think that custom post template plugin has the ability to take an existing post and create a new template from it so there’s no reinventing the wheel. Think of it as a custom page template, but for posts. 🙂

    @jonimueller – that is true. I was just thinking that this would allow me to set up something custom, but then I’d have to make minor tweaks to all existing posts — like applying the new template, or adding in some new css or something. With several thousand posts already in play, that’d be pretty daunting 🙂 But, if that’s not how they work (and I hope to dig through and find out later on) then maybe its a win!

    @alismSO close! I can add code and info just beneath the image, as promised, but it’s not allowing me to enter typical <?php> type code …unless i’m missing something. Seems like its a start, though! Now, just gotta figure out another step 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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