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    Hi and thanks for this plugin.

    I want to test it BUT I see support entries about issues with caching.

    As a WP Rocket user and understanding you have issues because of pull request being disallowed by Elementor team [for security or whatever reason they have], is there something I can do with WP Rocket like exclude certain JS files or whatever files from caching instead of canceling entire page from getting cached?

    Point is, after all, to have fast page load to boost CR on landers and not slow it down due to a split-test.
    NOT to lose conversions by slower page load. Landers and sales pages can be super heavy.

    Only option I see if cannot cache aggressively as I do is to sadly need to deal with Gtag learning curve and lengthy setup and Google Optimize if I am to keep a fast page load.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • A note- seems to work very well so far for my WIP in maintenance mode Elementor site.
    I have on Chrome browser EditThisCookie addon which easily enables me to delete the 2 cookies your plugin sets –

    Then I can see the different versions, EVEN WITH WP ROCKET CACHING fully aggressively caching.

    Otherwise, without clearing cookies and hard refresh (Control+F5) I need to use other browsers but even with other browsers and incognito, it remembers me and I get served the same version each time.

    Which is GREAT. Because I certainly want my visitors getting a consistent page version so if testing price points or whatever – they don’t get confused, annoyed they paid more than the orther tested lander etc….

    So far, so good but I’ll be testing prior to launch using zenno with different user agents plus cookies and crafted history profiles, VPN and IPs to see all works perfectly.

    If any issues will ask but so far very pleased.

    Suggestion: on your website you really need to mention what the upgrade offers. And lower those crazy fees to a reasonable level. Also – sell on codecanyon/theseforest, make tutorials on LP with elementor split testing the easy way and get people to know about your solution so you make some money and go on maintaining this great little plugin.

    Plugin Author rocketelements


    Hello TekGirlyMama,

    thanks you very much for your great insights. We really looking forward for you feedback on this topic 🙂

    Thanks for your suggestions, we will take to into account.

    One question. What do you mean with “LP” for tutorials?




    I’m not seeing the tests at all and using WPEngine / WP Rocket. I’m not sure if it’s related to WP Rocket, but I’m seeing the divs when inspecting the DOM with display set to “none” on both via the style tag added by the split test plugin.

    Does this issue seem familiar to yours? If not I’ll make a new thread, thanks!



    Disregard my previous message, my issue isn’t WP Rocket related, it seems to be related to split testing elementor widgets in the sidebar via Elementor Pros Element Library widget.

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