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  • Hello,

    My question can be optionally related to the ThreeWP Activity Monitor plugin, and I found unsolved threads partly related to the same question here and there.

    Simply said : please, when wordpress is installed on a dedicated server (Debian Squeeze, webmin + virtualmin, in my own case), is there a way to make wordpress log MORE data to the server, so that we may have a log file to parse ?

    In my present case, I’m wishing to autoban on a server level (drop packets) the bots trying hundreds and hundreds of passwords to log in on a daily basis, with the fail2ban script.

    This is the threeWP Activity Monitor plugin that allowed to me to see the crazy number of attempts on a daily basis my blog was facing, all these failed login attempts make reading the threeWP log nearly impossible, there’s in average less than 1 non-failed-login event per log page 🙁

    And from a security perspective, there can’t be anything wrong with banning machines clearly “possessed” by malware or controlled by evil persons.

    But I can see several other uses to advanced logging, I think it would be a really cool feature.

    I found this plugin : WP-Logs , but it seems, as the other possible candidates I found, to store the data to the database, not to a text file.
    Edit (again) : about the fact all the logging plugins I saw store the data to the database… I suddenly realize that having plan text log files available on the same level as a blog may be a security issue, but it can be fixed either with an .htaccess, or (after all, it can be done with the wp-config file, right) perhaps it could be stored one folder above the public_html/ folder…

    Please, do you know if there’s a way to achieve that ?
    Thank you very much if you can tell me 🙂


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  • Just in case somebody was in the process of responding, I made edits, adding a paragraph in the end of the post, between the “cool feature” and “please, do you know” paragraphs 🙂

    I hope that a ping after 3 days isn’t abusing the system 😉

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