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  • I run a video game news blog. When my staff writes a news article or a review, I would like them to be able to “assign” that post to a game (if applicable), so then I could have the single.php template call information on that game (title, boxart, publisher, release date, etc.) and display it in the sidebar. I thought this might involve a custom taxonomy so that it could be assigned to a post just like tags are.

    But then I realized I also wanted those games to have full pages loaded with information. I initially thought to create a custom post type for pages, and using custom fields, I could call the game’s box art, show its release date… somehow calling any posts or reviews on that game and displaying them with brief excerpts… and using custom taxonomies to display the game’s publisher, developer, etc…

    And THEN I realized I also wanted those publishers and developers to have their own pages as well. Description, location, links to articles involving them, lists of any games attributed to them… and so on.

    None of these can be child pages of the other, since developers aren’t always permanently tied to any particular publisher, games are sometimes co-developed by multiple parties, etc.

    I’m in a pickle, and can’t figure out how to re-organize my site. I really want to use all the new toys in WordPress to make the site I want, rather than WP limiting what I can do. Any suggestions? I’ve been brainstorming for days trying to figure something out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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