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  • Glebe Farm Foods


    Hi, me again!

    I find myself adding ALOT of pictures to my site for product pages but I don’t really want them to be displayed within this widget.

    Any chance of a “display from directory” option?
    So I can upload the files I want being randomised into a separate folder and the widget only randomises those files?

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  • Plugin Author Shellbot


    There isn’t currently a way to do this, although you are the second person to request it so it’s officially on my list for investigation.

    I don’t know how many images you’re dealing with, but if the pool of images you want the plugin to pull from is manageable you could always use the “only” filter option and list those image IDs. That way anything you upload that isn’t one of those specific images will be ignored.



    Hi there,
    Was looking for the very same functionality. Have a site with loads of images but only some I want to display using the plug-in. Would be a great feature.
    Many thanks,

    Thread Starter Glebe Farm Foods


    The site will have around 300 images by the time I finish and continue to grow with blog posts but I only really want 100 of those images to cycle through.

    I can copy down 100 ids but not very efficient.

    Just would be a great feature

    Plugin Author Shellbot


    Noted, thanks both for your input. I’ll have to take a look into this.

    It could be useful if inclusion/exclusion could make use of gallery concept of bult-in media gallery from WP. I mean: include only images which are part of gallery ID=3, for example. In this way, one can classify his/her images through the built-in features of WordPress, and then use this classification to include/exclude also from within Shellbot’s plugin. I think it could be done.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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