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  • My Akismet is working fine. But even though I have a low traffic site, I’m getting like 500 to 600 spams a day! This concerns me because I don’t want to keep emptying the spam, and as I wrote a week ago, I’ve been downgraded terribly by the new Google, so I don’t want to have spam keep piling up to create any type of SEO problem.

    Maybe I’ve been hacked, to get this much spam. Other sites of mine only get 3 to 20 spam a day.

    The main word in the spam is outlet. Is there any way I can block that word totally? I know how to block IPs in htaccess, but not single words.

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    Don’t you then run the risk of blocking legitimate messages?

    I considered that, but I don’t think anyone would ever use the word outlet in a comment! I have a cartoon site, not a shopping site.

    For some sites, 500-600 spam/day isn’t that bad. Over time, even if you block “outlet”, there will be another word that appears often, then another, and another…

    What you could try is using another plugin along with Akismet. I’ve tried Bad Behavior and Cookies for Comments for one of my sites that current has about 5000 spam/day. The best combo for that site is Akismet and Cookies for Comments.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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