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  • makkura


    Hello all —

    New WP user, just made the jump from LJ. Moved over years worth of entries. I would like a way to batch edit many entries at a time. More specifically, a batch Find/Replace.

    For the past two years-ish, I started every LJ entry with a DIV tag, for my own styling rules. Now in WP I don’t need them, and it’s throwing off my themes. I simply can’t go one-by-one to remove them by hand.

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • educationthemes


    Not sure whether this helped but this is what I did when I wanted to batch edit.

    I started my blog of a different domain to what it is on now and therefore when I moved the blog over I exported all the post etc. (Manage > Export>. I was then going import them into the new blog on the new domain, but all the image links that I had uploaded were going to be wrong.

    Therefore I opened up the export file in a text editor (notepad, textedit) and did a fine and replace. The images would be in the same structure on the new domain with just the domain chaning. Therefore I found all entries of replaced then with This way when I imported then onto the new domain all the links still worked.

    Maybe you could do something similar with your imports depending on what you want to change? Just an idea and goodl luck anyway.

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