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    I am having issues with godaddy hosting service and their lack of ability to supply a secure “SSL” email server for shared hosting that can be used for sending mail through SMTP instead of the mail() functions of PHP.

    I would like to use visual form builder to allow users to submit data through the forms but would like to disable the function that sends the information by email and have it only store the info in the database. This way someone authorized can log into the site’s dashboard VIA https and simply view the information in the entries and follow up.

    Thanks in advance for help…

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  • Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    Have you tried using the WP Mail SMTP plugin to setup secure sending?

    I have indeed…
    Unfortunately my host Godaddy does support using SSL from the account hosting server to their mail server.

    I had WP Mail SMTP all setup and the only way it would work was unsecure (no SSL)

    I got ahold of godaddy support and they flat out said that they do not support SSL from the web hosting account (wordpress hosting account).

    I need to keep the forms information secure through the entire process so that leaves me to cut off the final step of actually sending the email itself.
    I just purchased the Pro version of your plugin and was able to setup users that have only the rights to View Entries from the forms which is perfect.

    Now I just need to null out the email or disable the function that sends the email with the captured data.

    This is my solution until I can find a way to keep the info secure.

    Sorry above post should read Godaddy does not support SSL

    Also would there be a way to have the plugin simply send a notification email to the admin stating a submission was made but not having any other info in that notification email?

    This way the submissions can remain on the server and the admin gets notified someone made a submission.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    The easiest answer I have for you right now is to just leave the Email To field blank and nothing will be sent.

    The next update of Pro will have another action that will make this a little easier (even though it’s not the intention of the action).

    Works for me…

    Any ideas on sending a notificatiion email instead of all the form data? That would be awesome.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    You can already do that. Go to Form Settings > Notification.

    Sorry I misunderstood the wording on the Notification settings and assumed it was to send a notification to the user that submitted the form information.

    I am currently attempting to get an email address in where it states E-mail To (Select A Required Field)

    I was hoping to just place an email address in this setting but it looks like I must create a hidden email field in the form first before I can select this?

    This is why I thought it was for the form submission user and not the website admin.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    Ah yeah, it’s for the user and not the admin.

    With the new hook you’ll be able to create your own email notification.

    New hook? Hook me up!

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    This is now available in the vfb_override_email_ action. Have fun 🙂

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