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  • Resolved MGmirkin


    So, I’ve just enabled MultiSite on one of my WP installs and created a second site. I’m working on getting Domain Mapping working on the second site.

    I’ve installed SlimStats and network enabled it. On each site it displays the usual SlimStats menu, but in Network Admin mode, no menu is displayed.

    I’m wondering if it might be possible to better support MultiSite (and/or + “WordPress MU Domain Mapping” plugin) insofar as there could be a SlimStats menu on he Network Admin pages, and it would give you statistics across your entire network of sites, as opposed to having to go to each site individually?

    Ideally you could get data on the “Whole Network” and filter it down to specific sites. Similar to the current filtering by day/month, etc. In effect, accessing the individual site’s SlimStats, via a filter from the broader collection of data? Each child site would, of course, only be able to access its own statistics from its own SlimStats menu, and not be able to access stats from other sites in he network.

    Enabling Network Admin SlimStats shouldn’t necessarily per se activate the plugin on child sites, tho’. That is, it could collect data about those sites (for the network admin’s use), but those sites wouldn’t be able to see the data unless they have SlimStats installed & activated? I’d think the data would probably all pool in the same place, it just be an access issue of some sort?

    Is this a doable thing at some point in the future?


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  • Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Version 3.0 will include ways to customize the tracker’s behavior. Add-ons could in theory store pageviews in one single table and then tweak the part that visualizes the data to retrieve it from this table. But if you have a very large network (100k blogs or so) that could be quite heavy to handle, and maybe a different tool should be used, like a log analyzer 😉


    Hmm, I suppose it might be hard to scale… Guess I was just thinking in terms of smaller networks like the 2, maybe 3, sites I was contemplating, and having some kind of central stats for the network.

    But if it doesn’t scale well, maybe some other thing would be better. On the other hand, if each site in the multi-site network could have its own SlimStats, seems like it could potentially be doing all that anyway? & then it would just be more a matter of aggregating all the data already being collected by each individual SlimStats instance?

    Anyway, just thinking out loud as I was tinkering with things. ^_^

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