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  • Ok I am on the search for a theme that has most of the following, any suggestions? What about U-Design on themeforest?

    I am looking for:
    Lots of widget areas, especially ones that you can place anywhere on the page – the areas where you can place widgets
    Lots of front page control options – easy to update and control slideshows, user-selectable content areas, and multiple layouts
    Several areas where you can have menus that use WordPress’s built in menu system
    Lots of useful page templates
    An interface to make the creation of custom posts types and taxonomies easy
    Well-written, secure coding
    Lots of hook points with the template structure. Places where programmers could easily add code and without having to take apart the structure.

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    Note: For any commercial theme, forums do not provide support. Commercial theme support should be provided exclusively by the theme’s vendors.

    Have you tried the Tag Filter options when searching for themes on

    Yes I did try the tag filter but I it doesn’t include the items listed above, which I was told to look for in re-designing our website… I actually would like a commercial theme since we are happy to purchase and they should have more support, but I was just hoping a wordrpress forum user might have some more guidance.

    they should have more support,

    Be sure that you check carefully about support for commercial themes because that assumption is not always the case. Especially for customizations, commercial theme vendors may well not include support for that without charging for the work.

    Thanks for that great advice… I am having such a tough time trying to find a basic theme that works for my site which is

    I get lost looking at all the possibilities out there.

    Perhaps this:

    It has lots of options, really great dedicated support from the developer, and can be customized easily.

    Thank you so much for your suggestion.

    By the way, what do you think of these 2?

    the thesis theme


    udesign theme

    Once I pick a theme I am sticking with it of course, just trying to pick a good base that is good for seo primarily if the theme actually can make that much of a difference.

    I have not personally used either one, though thesis is certainly widely used and I know many people like it. I’ve heard their support is good. Theme Forest is a bit different because they sell themes from many developers — so the support varies, depending on the developer. So check carefully on that.

    There are many factors that go into SEO — do some research on that to learn more. Google Webmaster tools is a good starting point. The coding of a theme CAN be a factor, but it won’t make up for poor content or various other factors. I would not pick a theme based solely on some marketing claim about what it can do for SEO.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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