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  • quick question if anyone here is good with layouts, i’m working on the Miracles with Paws theme here:

    If you look closely above where the search bar with the magnifying glass is, you’ll see that there is part of the sidebar under the header.

    this problem is only when i view it with Internet Explorer (does not have the problem when viewing in Firefox).

    Wondering if anyone would have a suggestion on how to correct this?


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  • i dont suppose that ‘microsoft’ can help with this. you might give them a call and see if you get even a half ounce of concern or co-operation from them. i have noticed in the past that they disregard world standards in an arrogant sort of way. perhaps you could instead put a line near the top of your site that says “WORKS BETTER WITH FIREFOX” and link to the firefox download page! much easier than anything else eh.

    if you cannot help…

    to the OP: not a guru and opened an ancient IE6 for your sake – I don’t see any difference in FF and that browser.

    I currently don’t see any glaring issues with IE. Just lots of annoying little ones. I viewed in IE7 and Firefox, and there are differences. At quick glance, mostly border issues and alignment in the sidebar and ads area. There are some visible concerns. There is some uneven edgy-ness at the banner border above your search bar, (is that what you mean?), but I didn’t look to see if that was from the “empty” looking edge in the banner itself, or from other issues. The theme footer seems to be conspicuously absent. There didn’t happen to be a huge wad of base 64 encoded crap in it, was there? The missing footer may be playing an issue in the overall appearance of the theme as well. Best of luck to you.

    i removed the footer and haven’t replaced it yet, i’ll have to play around with that and see if that fixes anything.

    yes, the “uneven edgy-ness at the banner border above the search bar” is what i am referring to. basically the sidebar continues to the top of the website and “peeks” out a little bit below the banner.

    i’ll try adding a footer and see how that goes, thanks for the suggestion.

    fyi… probably a javascript issue! i know of email sites that have the same type problems. DONE.

    Your actual banner image is 1024×135, but your css defines the space as 1024×133. If you change it to 135, the whole banner (the missing bottom 2px), should be visible.
    I would think making this change first would put you on the right track to telling what’s really going on..

    #header {
    background: url(;
    width: 1024px;
    height: 133px;
    margin: 0px auto;
    padding: 0px;
    border-top: 1px solid #000000;

    Just as a side note, I’m thinking that if the contents of the “footer.php” file looked exactly like this: (except of course, where I have broken the hrefs with a dash to prevent the forum from thinking I’m a spammer!),

    </div></div><div id="footer">
    <?php bloginfo('name'); ?><a h-ref=''>WordPress</a> - Theme designed by <a
    h-ref=''>Web Hosting</a>.
    <a h-ref="">Website Templates</a> |
    <a h-ref="">Puppy Training</a> | <a
    h-ref="">Reseller Hosting</a>.

    you would have a functional, editable footer without all of that encrypted bullshit in it. (Sorry, just my opinion).
    Now, I’m not encouraging you, nor am I condoning the circumvention of an authors attempt to protect sponsor links, I’m just saying, if it weren’t encrypted, that is most likely what it would look like.

    p.s. I do support the idea that it is a good thing to give an author credit for their work, ie… a linkback, but that is best left to individual decision.

    thanks for the suggestions. i fixed the footer (haven’t decided what i’m going to really put in it, just threw a few basic things there for now).

    i actually did the banner 2 pixels short in the css on purpose because the banner had a bottom border that was black and it looked better without it. i just tried expanding it to 135 to test it out and i still get the grey crap above the magnifying glass. i put a little white half circle in the banner and that gray line that goes through it looks horrible (and i don’t understand how that is displaying above the banner image.

    arghhh, this is frustrating.

    looks ok. mag shows an increased size at corner which is perspectively accurate. if you want to t-shoot spacial problems on a webpage, just place “borders=1” in the table tag! (you may have to jump about the tables depending on your nesting).

    That section of gray line, that I can see only in Internet Explorer, appears to be coming from the “main.jpg” image. The gray color (#F1F1F1), is the portion of the main.jpg image that makes up the background for the side bar that can be seen at the bottom, empty portion of your side bar, and extends from the bottom edge of the header to the top edge of the footer. That’s not much help in fixing it I guess but that appears, at least to me, to be the source of the gray line above your search box.

    If it’s any consolation, this exists in the original theme as well when viewed in IE. Take a look above the magnifying glass at the search box using (I’m currently using IE7), Internet Explorer here;

    It does not appear to be anything that you introduced to the template. It just became more evident when you eliminated the dark header image that was all but completely hiding the issue.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    Just as a note about I’ve found them redistributing my themes and injecting links to other sites and and encrypted PHP.

    I suggest to not ever download anything from there because they take other people’s work and put their own ads, sponsored links, and quite possibly malicious code in the theme.

    I do realize that users are allowed to upload themes there, so it might not be the site owners that are adding this code. However, they are still responsible for the things they distribute.



    I’ve spent more than a couple hours (as well as beers), pouring over Structure, and Options is just killer.

    Good stuff.

    Anyone wanting to decode what is in the footers can go here:
    I wrote an online decoder. Please only use it to fix issues, not remove author credit or links.

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