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    I want to know if there is any free WP theme (not plugins or widgets) for classifieds ads. I checked one but did not understand it at all. Also do themes needs a plugin like AWPCP, or any other classifieds ads plugins. I want to know how exactly these themes work. Do they aesthetically display the ads from the classifieds plugins? Is it still necessary to display the classifieds ads plugin on the website?


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  • Themes style HTML and output the front end pages in a standard way. That’s it.
    If you want your content to be classified ads, then write it that way. The theme will display whatever the content is.
    A plugin can add functionality, such as a custom post type, custom taxonomies, and any code needed to output those in a special way. Usually, this is still styled by the theme to match the rest of the site, but the plugin could provide CSS for styles specific to its output of a custom type. Plugins can add new admin pages for entering data, login pages, payment gateways, mapping tools, etc. Whatever you need that WordPress does not have built-in, it’s a plugin that you should be looking for.

    Don’t put functionality into a theme. You’ll regret it when you want to switch themes (like when your site is hacked or you need to test something with the default theme).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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