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  • Hello,

    I am new to wordpress.

    I have tried to search some info regarding newsletters, but could not just filter out forum posts.

    Technically I have a martial arts school, and I would like to communicate with my students.

    I am looking for a newsletter that will allow me to create various lists. Ex list per course/class etc.

    Ability to send html/text newsletters.

    Track the open rate and which students have opened the emails.

    And the ability to resend newsletter to those students that have not opened the email.

    Lastly free.

    I wonder if anyone had a chance to test out newsletter plugins and knows any that could do something similar to this.

    Thank you!

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  • Hello!

    I would advise you to try and use the mailchimp service. It’s one of the most known services for newsletters and email lists managements.

    If you search ‘mailchimp’ in the plugin repository, you’ll see a lot of free plugins that can extend it for wordpress.

    There are also some free plugins for newsletter management only for wordpress, but I never tried none. If you want something more pro, you can check out premium plugins like WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin.

    Hope it helps!

    Interesting. I dont really like mail chimp interface. but if wordpress can extend it and manage everything from within, what would be great 🙂

    Try us! We’re new and kicking butt. You be the judge.


    With the free version of your plugin, will i be able know the list of those that never opened the email. and to be able just to resent to them.

    With the free version, you can see who opened and those who didn’t.

    But you can’t resend them! You would be considered a spammer if you did!

    I did not mean it that way.

    If i know those that did not open, I would send a reminder to them a week later.

    So that those that have already opened the email would not get a reminder.

    I would say that is a better not to bug those that have opened, and remind those who didn’t.

    When i do seminars, its very important to me.

    YOu can’t do that with Wysija. Why?

    Because the only way to know who opened is for them to display their images (we have a transparent “beacon” image).

    Near 40% of users never display images in the emails… so opened rates are flawed by nature.

    Hope this makes sense.

    If i understand correctly, the only statistic is how many times the email was opened, even if there is 40% of that did not have the image displayed, there is no way to find out those that for which the either the image was not opened or they did not open the email?

    We have 3 statistics:

    1. Opened (if they displayed images)
    2. Not opened
    3. Bounced (premium only)

    The limitation on opened is true for all emailing solutions, not just Wysija.

    Imagine if spammers would also know who opened their emails. Ouch.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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