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  • First of all: I really like WordPress and I have written several plugins for WordPress to add additional features.

    However, there are really weird issues regarding trackback/pingback.
    I know that some of these have been fixed&reworked several times since WP 1.5, but however some of them do still exist and/or have never been solved.

    I just have seen a post of a German guy who wants to solve several very well known issues by issuing a plugin.

    But: I thought the purpose of plugins is to extend WordPress but not to fix bugs. So I was wondering until when the known bugs will be fixed.

    Please find below a little list of known bugs:

    1.) WordPress still pings it’s ‘ping services’ when you publish the article even if it is set in the future. So, it’s possible to have links to future articles floating around out there.

    2.) When using XML-RPC (like Blogdesk), pings do not always work properly (I have not double-checked this issue, but heard about it once in a while).

    3.) If you edit and save a published post, the services
    are pinged again and again, there is no option to avoid it for specific posts or in general.

    4.) In case of pingback/trackback problems, you do not get
    any feedback from WordPress, it just ignores and does
    not care about it. No reports available. If ping services are down, WordPress will not let you know that pinging failed.

    5.) You need to wait until the pinging/trackback has being
    performed. If e.g. the limit of 30 seconds has been reached, a weird error message appears and almost nobody knows what to do when getting the message…

    Can I see somewhere the current progress of the initiated corrective actions? Is there any schedule available when these issues are going to be solved?
    Or do we need plugins to solve bugs that exist for a very long time? I know that there are already some plugins that cover one or more of the aforementioned issues. But is this really the intension of plugins? Do we need plugins to solve bugs?

    Many thanks in advance for any comment on this.

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  • Can I see somewhere the current progress of the initiated corrective actions?

    You can follow the development of WordPress here. There you can also submit patches to known problems.

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