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    I know it will sound stupid, but I’ve read many codex pages, lessons and forum entries and still do not know how to make links…

    On the main page I want to have links to subpages (not in the sidebar, but as “more” button or simply a linking word (I hope You know what I mean as I don’t know how to name it). Let’s say I write “You can see my photos here” and I want the word “photos” to be a link to my Photos page.

    How am I supposed to do it? Do I have to go to the Photos page, see what URL it has and type it into pop-up window after hitting link icon? I have a feeling that there should be a smarter way.

    Please be so kind and give me some advice. Thanks in advance,


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  • The question is not stupid – you just need to learn the WP terminology to ask the right way 🙂
    When it comes about posts – never use the word “Pages“: in WordPress Pages are completely different animal. And sub-Pages are their children.

    Your main page is the index or home or main page: showing the lates several posts (the number dependign on your settings).
    When clicking a post’s title – it takes you to the “single post view” (or single post). While writing a post you can insert the “more” tag where you want to break the text and that will automatically create a “read more…” link.

    In fact I wanted to structure my site a bit different. I want Pages (in WP terminology) to be the main parts of it. I want to have my songs and stuff presented there. Having it as a back bone, I will think about posts.

    As far as I understand it correctly, Posts are parts of a site made on daily (or at least regular) basis, while Pages are less often changed and can contain files which I want to be present and shown in the same place and manner all the time.

    If that’s correct, I think it’s reasonable to have one of the Pages set as the first what an internaut sees when entering my page (I set my Main Page to be the Front Page). Then I want my guests to go to different parts of my site. I wanted to give them links to do it – and they should lead to different Pages. I plan to make Posts (a real Blog, I’d say) only 20% of my whole site.

    That’s why I’m asking about Page to Page linking.

    Thanks for You reply, Moshu. I hope I explained it more clearly now. I’m 99% sure that I used “Pages” properly, didn’t I?



    Yes, your explanation is clear.
    I just don’t get it what your question is? Linking? You create normal html anchors in your text. As for linking to anything (a Page, a sub-Page, a post, whatever) – after creating any kind of content in your admin area > Manage you can see all of them and from there it’s relatively easy to get the URL of them. E.g. I see my posts or Pages in the Manage area and in FireFox right-clicking the “View” link I have an options “Copy Link Location”…

    You proved that my question was well… not wise 😉 But You have answered it – thanks!

    That’s what I wanted to be able to see (and copy as You described it)- a URL of my pages without opening them and finding it in the browser’s window.

    Thank You very much indeed,


    I have an issue with this, I have in my side bar a simple html link to a page and one to a post. It works fine if I am in admin mode, however if I am logged out it brings up blank page. any Ideas on this?

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