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    I was wondering if there’s a way to display all or certain types of badges / awards on a page?

    thought is members can go find a quest or badge they’d like to get and go through the steps to get it/them.

    Are there are shortcodes or already predefined pages available?

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  • /badges (which is the slug for the achievement type) just takes me to the site’s homepage incidentally

    OK, this isn’t documented anywhere that I can find however I did see reference to a shortcode in the screenshots.

    I’ve used a shortcode of [badgeos_achievements_list type=badges limit=10] since the slug for the achievement type is /badges and get nothing showing on my test page here:

    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong or whether there’s a reference page for shortcodes that I’ve missed?

    Plugin Author Brad Williams


    All available shortcodes, including badgeos_achievements_list, are described in detail under the BadgeOS > Help / Support submenu in WordPress shown here:

    Please verify you have Badges created and published. You could also try just using the default [badgeos_achievements_list] and see what is displayed.

    Yes, I’ve got published and awarded badges.
    I’ve changed the shortcode to just it’s base shortcode, with the same result. Similar error message except the award type is missing which should default to something like ‘achievements’ or similar.


    Plugin Author Brad Williams


    Can you verify that when you create a new badge in WordPress the URL contains /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=badges

    Sample badge at if that’s helpful – note my Admin is listed twice as a recipient.

    Plugin Author Brad Williams


    That should certainly work. I went ahead and added a bug Issue to Github so we can test and confirm the problem:

    I’m going to mark this complete so we can track it on Github.

    Yeah I know.
    The failure of the shortcode, the failure on obeying the awarding limit and the failure of seeing the BuddyPress Achievement tab (and awarded badges) have been driving me crazy these last few days and preventing me from actively advertising the site’s badging system.

    Really looking forward to getting those things nailed to get this baby rocking.

    Wondering on any update to this bug?
    I can see the Ajax request spin and fetch back nothing which I know is wrong due to the achievements members have already event.
    A real stumbling block for my site and activity if I’m unable to display what they’ve already got as well as what they can go after next.

    Got the same here. Created achievement, can award etc, but the shortcode does not display anything.

    Using the standard shortcode with no parameters.

    Am I missing something?

    Okay, so it works if I put in a ‘type’ parameter. Is that default behavior or is it possible to list all achievement types together?

    Peter, it took a few hours last night, but Martin and I managed to find that some query rewriting was throwing his use off.

    However, yours may be a different case. It looks like the shortcode defaults to “all” if you don’t explicitly pass in a post type for the badge you want. However, it doesn’t appear to do anything conditionally if that’s the value. This would be an issue that we want to fix. That said, for the time being, may be good to pass in a specific one until this is set to actually query for all of them. I’ll be filing a bug for it.

    Yeah, my page is now working so was a theme conflict.
    The theme Devs are now checking it out for me as well in case there’s some coding issue on their side that they can rectify.
    Great support from Michael and the BadgeOS team – great plugin.

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I noticed the comments on Github before posting on here, thought I’d have a look see if I could find something similar in my theme (although I couldn’t) but maybe looking in the wrong place.

    I can obviously work around the problem (not really a problem as such, because it does work) by passing the parameter but it would be nice if it was possible to query all.

    Keep up the good work.

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