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  • Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    I’ll definitely do this in my next round of development. I’ve got a lot of stuff in the works right now, I’m mostly pretty busy with my other plugin (Pods) so I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I wanted to on this project.

    Here are a couple of screenshots for now:

    Scott, I don’t get it.

    I have another form plugin that uses 3 custom tables in WordPress. I use a custom join query to pull related data from all 3 tables. This query works fine in the plugin itself to show reports I already created for that plugin.

    I downloaded your Exports and Reports plugin to see if you offered some “improvements”.

    But your plugin says NOWHERE at anytime that I can find on your website and plugin readme or at HOW one SEES the Report in the first place.

    I used the same custom query already working.

    But your documentation does not start with the most rudimentary explanation of what one should SEE. I do not SEE anything after I set up a Report according to your instructions.

    My query left alone pulls up all the columns in PHPAdmin and for my previous reports.

    Your setup says specifying all these fields is Optional. So, I left that alone to see what I would get. The CSV export has a header referring to WordPress meta keys but I don’t see this until I open it up in Open Office or Excel.

    Your documentation says nothing about being able to install the View in a Post or Page and the Backend shows me no visual “Preview” of the Export.

    Can you add on to the Instructions of how to use this plugin?

    The instructions don’t tell users what to expect to see — the Visual indication –after they run through the Report set up.

    Thank you for a clever, if mystifying, plugin.

    Okay, NOW I am starting to see a Report View show up.

    I have discovered that the instructions are incomplete in the Edit Report Settings.

    This page says that “Fields” are an Optional setting. Rather, they are NOT optional when using any kind of Custom Query that refers to values from tables outside the WordPress installed Core.

    Some more Text and a short Tutorial would help for this crucial page.

    For custom queries in my case every single Field must be specifically called for and modified with your various settings before the Query shows up.

    Thank you for this plugin.

    I might also slip in a note about your documentation for Pods.

    You put up comparison charts showing WP core queries to meta data and then to what you call “tables”. I assume you mean Custom Tables.

    The comparison charts show some cryptic data that seem to imply that Pods is less of a load on a server. Please put up some plain English : “what does this mean to the User” if Pods is installed.

    Thank you for your work and genius and I am going to download Pods and play.

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    I’ll have to put some more time in on this plugin, I’ve continue to primarily work on the Pods project and my other plugins have been unfortunately neglected somewhat.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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