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  • Hi,
    I am looking forward to make a hosted wordpress platform. I have two type of implementations in mind which are
    1) Service provided by but instead of blog more like shared woocommerce or shopify style platform
    2) A complete managed hosting like dreamhost or digitalocean.

    I searched for the relevent topics but could not find anything other than multisite setup.

    Can anyone point out some useful reference to me.


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  • king


    should i suggest a hosting platform for you?



    Don’t suggest any hosting, or this topic will be locked faster than you can say “coffee”. 🙂

    In any case, this site is the wrong place to ask questions about starting up a hosting company. Try instead.

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    @sparofire No, I dont need any hosting provider. thanks for the reply.

    @diondesigns thanks for your reply. I am not currently starting any hosting platform. My family owns a grocery store and I also do trading of some building materials, its kind of tradition to do some kind of trading in family and many of our relatives do the same.
    I have worked with self-hos_t_ed wordpress site for my store in past(realtor space), and did kind of custom plugin based setup there which took few months to build.

    I am currently planning to do same for my new business to get it online, and was thinking of minimal way of achieving the reason is my known-circle of relatives are also interested in such setup. I had worked with multisite wordpress and woocommerce in past(contract work), That is now what I want.

    That is why I started this thread.
    I am looking for programming API references and any example that can help me achieve this.
    btw, is good head start for me.
    I am still looking for some other reference.


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    WP offers a number of APIs for various needs. You can access documentation for them by starting at the WP developer portal. You already know about multisite, there’s not much more to say unless you have a specific question. Multisite alone gives you a WP hosting platform. As network admin, you can control what themes and plugins others can use. You can force certain plugins to be used as “MU” (must use) plugins. If you wish to implement custom code upon your users, MU plugins are likely what you want to use.

    If I’m understanding your question right…

    Multisite for sure. Come up with a default implementation of something very easy to work with in your area of interest that has the necessary bells and whistles your planned targeted clients will need.

    NS Cloner looks like the plugin you’ll want to use to then duplicate your default site for your new clients. Themes, child themes, and customizer settings will be where you and your clients can make the site their own.

    There are several site management plugins to help manage those. I’ve played with ManageWP and a few others. But look at all of them you can.

    I’d use the first site of the multisite to advertise the operation and take care of the site.

    The Fabrica Dashboard and my little WordPress friend Wapuu Dashboard Pet will make things easier for you along with the multisite’s single plugin roster and the built-in themes directory.

    I run my multisites on just whatever host is cheapest to get them going with their database on a second server… That right there sets the stage for upgrading the database to a sharded database and running the site itself from anything up to a really nice clustered host as you grow… according to your needs.

    You’ll want to run Ithemes Security and Wordfence. You’ll also want a really good cache plugin like W3TC or Super Cache. Cloudflare is really a good friend for you and your clients… as long as your host can keep up.

    Learn DNS very well and domain name setup.

    A third server might really help to trigger cron tasks, run an HTTrack implementation, deal with email accounts if you wish. It doesn’t need to be all that great. It would really be nice to have that machine ping your client’s site once a day or so to make sure they are working.

    We are here to help where we can…

    I think Managed WP sites are really important to allow people to do what they do professionally while having someone a phone call away ready to help them. It’s possibly a huge market.

    You also mentioned Real Estate… If you understand IDX with an Internet / managed hosting solution and a real estate background I’d think the world is your oyster. Tossing email into that and it sounds like ‘WOW’.

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    @bcworkz Thanks for pointing out MU plugins.
    @jnashhawkins thanks that is really detailed answer something I am looking for.
    the answer pointed out some of the good aspects of topic.
    I dig into your profile and found you have almost same unanswered question
    That is almost exactly what I am searching for. Managing multi-site setup is really hell(For single person, my personal opinion) if you want to host more than few(3-4). Many time just small change can brick all the sites for noticeable downtime which I want to avoid.

    Thanks for the complement at last, but for reality I am from India where realtor is not consider really good occupation. Yes, I understand IDX I worked on its rest api for a client gig in past but Its not in India. And as I started that business at 5th Nov 2016, I could say it worst possible timing as we had demonization of whole nations currency and then came tax reform GST next year and now its covid19. So I think its not feasible in foreseeable future.

    I am adding your question to favorite so if you find something kindly share there.

    That question was asked as I was looking for something specific about how WordPress dot com handled something very tricky from my estimation…

    There’s a lot of very clever and probably complicated programming to their premium product… I’m very patient and expect to discover the answer sometime in the future.

    I do hope you found something of use in my answer and I wish you the best…

    How about aerospace? Or Oil/Gas exploration? Or just building the best WordPress web host in all of India. A place where service comes first?

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    If I clear all my doubts and make enough efforts the wordpress web host is likely good future endeavor, but here services are really frequently asked and people expect them free for any which is quiet a hurdle. That is why I am looking to create a sandboxed version of wordpress that can be extended by web-hooks and custom api plugins like wordpress DOT com and I aim to target it for small business who are having hard-time getting their store online(like shopify) with quick onbording.
    but,for now its my part-time fancy gig and I would like to explore the possibilities.

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