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  • Want to redirect a page directly to an URL.

    But can’t find a redirect plugin for WP 2.5.1

    Anyone has one?

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  • Anyone?

    I am a newbie. I want to do the same thing. I have a page called forums, and want users to click it and go directly to my phpbb forum. I found this but haven’t figured out how to use it:

    Plugin Name: WWW Redirect
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Redirects variations of identical domain requests to a consistent uri (i.e. to )
    Author: Justin Shattuck
    Version: 0.3
    Author URI:

    I found one that works:

    Redirectify v1.2
    A plugin that redirects posts and pages that contain a certain meta tag.By Owen Winkler.

    but I need one that masks the redirected URL so that the address bar still shows my site’s URL instead of the redirected one.

    Does anyone have this?

    sandg: I tried your plugin suggestion, redirectify v1.2, and it worked perfectly. All I had to do was upload, activate, then edit the page I wanted to redirect so to create a Key called redirect and a value for it which is the new url. Then bingo, I was granted my WordPress black belt…. application. Cannot help with masking.Sorry.

    Try Page Links To. 🙂

    Page Links To and Redirectify works the same. I can redirect the page link but unable to do it in a frame (hide the redirected destination URL). =(

    @sandg: I believe the functionality you’re looking for is a bit beyond either plugin. You could potentially modify the plugin so that it loads within a frame, but frankly, as I’m not a fan of frames, I would leave it as is.

    For those looking for even more re-direction plugins: Redirection

    I have to use frames because the other site is hosted on a windows server, whereas the installed WPMU is on a Linux server and the user doesn’t need to know that the site is divided into 2 separate servers.

    I don’t get why redirect plugin developers do not build this function in. I think it’s pretty handy. I personally don’t know enough php to modify the plugin myself. Any volunteers? =D

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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