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  • I tried going to permalinks>default>save then back to original setting, which is month/date…

    we have it this way on our site because we are a news/info site.

    I need to keep this permalink structure.

    I really would want this to work cleanly. So far, I got it to work by adding

    $site_url = '';

    to configxml.php.

    That makes the video play in video home (


    ans if the related/featured is clicked, it goes to blog and plays…

    however, if you try to vote, it opens up a page within the blog and it is 404. I still feel their are things I need to do…

    Please help.

    Thank you,


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  • Edi


    Thank you for the help Psychosopher. I went to your website, but the plugin is still not working as it is intended.

    I get the feeling that there are a lot more files than that that need to be updated.

    Also, your change from (url) to (wpurl) did not work. It would work when I would add the entire blog site into ?siteurl = ____

    But I feel that I would have to go to so many files and locations to change this very simple thing….I can’t imagine why this isn’t already handled through the installation.

    It’s a shame. I need to purchase this too for a client, but people here dont want to help, going to have to look into alternatives.




    Dear Jose

    I do not really understand your problems…

    There are no videos at


    And there is no voting.

    Do you use shortcodes? What is the permalink structure? How do you redirect?

    Hello Psychosopher,

    There were videos/there was voting etc at the time that i published this post. But then I had edited different files and didn’t keep track of the changes, so I deleted the plugin and redownloaded it. At the time you saw it, I had deleted all videos and was messing with plugin files again.

    No, I am/was using the page that the plugin creates.

    the permalink structure I currently use is month/year/post

    I have a plugin that i use to redirect different links. For this, i was not redirecting anything yet.

    I think I have solved this problem with the help of this post:

    The only issue I am currently having is that when I click on a category, it sends it to 404 page, although the link seems to be right (it includes the subdirectory folder).

    Thank you for all of your help!


    Hi Jose,

    To resolve your issue, please contact our supporting team at

    The issue was resolved.

    The only issue I am finding is that when I click on the user link or the category link, it sends to 404. I see the subdirectory folder in the URL, and when I remove it, the links work.


    I have checked your site and still I cannot able to see the videos working on your site and also noticed that I’m still getting 404 error for category page too. Go to WP admin ->Settings -> Permalinks -> set to default and check. If all the URLs are working fine, now change the permalink to “post name” or any other option and check. If you are still facing any issue in this, please contact our supporting team at

    Yes I am still facing the same issue, for post author and for post categories, it goes to 404’s.



    It should be no problem installing the plugin if you follow my explanation at

    1) You have to change the path in configXML.php line 26 to

    $site_url = get_bloginfo('wpurl');

    If this is not set properly you will get error messages like “There is an Error in loading config.xml” as it happens now.

    2) Replace in video.php get_bloginfo(‘url’) with get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’). You can do this with a simple search and replace. An exception is the first get_bloginfo(‘url’) in line 16: Do not change it.

    3) Save the permalink structure. Without this the plugin does not work.

    4) Redirect some links using a plugin or adding the following to the file .htaccess:

    Redirect 301 /blog/videogallery/

    I think at the moment you have only to fix the path in configXML.php.

    There is no 404 error for categories.

    Hello Psychosopher,

    Thank you for your continued help.

    1) That error you were getting was not present before I updated a plugin. Once I re-saved the permalink structure, the videos are working again (this plugin is proving to be high maintenance with all of these redirect problems due to the subdirectory).

    I made these videos work by following the advice from the support team from this thread and all of the files they listed that needed to be edited:

    The videos should be playing now. As a side note, even when flash doesn’t work, it seems the HTML 5 youtube player works on mobile.

    Adding a “w” to url as you suggested in your article didn’t work for me.

    2) Adding the “w” didn’t work for me

    3) Yes I did that, thank you. that got the videos working again.

    4) There are 404’s going for category, only that I have it redirecting to the category videos page that the plugin creates upon activating. You just didn’t notice the redirect. The pages are different. For instance, the link is:

    Which turns a 404.

    At one point, removing the “blog” (which is my subdirectory install folder), would cause the link to work and go to that specific category’s page. But now, removing “blog” and going to:


    Redirects to my homepage! I really can’t figure that out! It shows my homepage, yet the URL stays:


    At the time that you checked, you were redirected, as I mentioned, to the video categories page (using the Redirect plugin)

    That page is different than the page it should go to. That page shows all of the categories.

    Similarly, the author link is also a 404. Currently I am redirecting it to the WordPress’s author archives so that users don’t get a 404.

    It’s really confusing. I don’t know what’s causing the video categories to 1) go to home page and 2)get the 404 in the first place.

    Everything else seems to be working fine. There’s are the things I need to fix before I can say it’s working right.




    It’s becoming a little bit confusing… But we can do it step by step.

    I can made a test installation. If you are interersted in you can contact me. The address is on the website I mentioned above.


    So it was something really dumb yet it took me all day to figure out.

    When the plugin was first installed and activated, it made two pages, as it does for everyone. When I was trying to figure out the redirections for subdirectory install, I had edited too many files to remember so I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it.

    Upon reinstalling it, the plugin again created another video categories page. I deleted one of them. It turned out that the one I deleted was the one that the plugin was using to display categories, authors, featured, recent, popular, etc.

    When it couldn’t find it, it was redirecting all of these links to either a 404 (which included the subdirectory folder) or to the home page, which was the thing that was just confusing me.

    I simply couldn’t find anywhere else on my site that was redirecting ANYTHING.

    Apparently it was this page problem.

    So I created a (notitle) page with the [videomore] shortcode, and deleted the other one that existed, cleared the permalinks and saved agani, and waited some minutes before somehow, and thank god, the database recognized what I was doing and it started to identify this page as the page it should use for the categories, authors, etc.

    Otherwise, I feared I was going to have to go into the tables and fix this.

    As for the widgets, they redirect fine to this page to show featured, recent, popular, etc.

    But as for the category and author links, they were still linking to a 404 because it included the subdirectory install.

    I redirected these with a redirect plugin. I don’t know why these don’t redirect well yet the widgets do.

    Maybe developers may comment.

    I hope this has helped someone.

    I finally think I have a working gallery for the site.

    Thank you all,


    Hi Jose,

    We have already explained the necessary of the [videomore] short code in the thread

    Yes I did refer to that page and to a couple of other similar ones to figure it out.

    It dawned on me when I read the plugin’s documentation from your website, and also when I tried to compare a website that was working right vs. mine which wasn’t.

    As I mentioned, the only thing that is still needing the subdirectory redirect are category and author links. Widgets redirect fine.

    Do you know if a redirect is necessary for these links, or can a file be edited?

    thank you,


    By redirect I mean, I had to add a manual redirect for author and category links, i used redirection plugin for wordpress to do this.

    Everything else redirects fine via the edits we did in the various files to site url()


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