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    Does anyone foresee problems with a WP site as a result of my ISP upgrading their version of PHP from 5.1.6 to 5.2.0?

    Amazingly, 1and1 have e-mailed me to let me know of this change, saying:

    “we shall be updating

    the current PHP version to cover certain security holes and you may have to update your PHP scripts accordingly

    to avoid any problems running them.

    This notice is for only those using PHP 5. If your scripts are in PHP 4, you will not be affected by this update

    and you can ignore this email.

    In the night of 07 December 2006 to 08 December 2006, the current PHP version 5.1.6 will be updated to 5.2.0 on all 1&1 servers.

    If you use PHP 5, you will have to adapt your scripts accordingly”.

    The detail of the changes can be seen on this page:

    Thanks in advance from a noob. 🙂

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  • by default runs you on php4. Unless you have followed special instructions for upgrading your wordpress directory to php5, this will not affect you.

    So, chances are you can ignore this all together.

    If you are intersted in running PHP5 on 1and1, see my post “How to run PHP5 on in 1 easy step…” at but be aware that it is not configured the same way php4 is. You will lose all access to the file_get_contents() commands so things like Gravatar caching and such will not work if you make the switch.

    I’ve emailed them about changing that when they make the upgrade but I’ve, as of yet, gotten no response.

    Long story short, the upgrade to version 5.2 should have no affect on your site, whether you are already running 5.1 or not.

    Thank you for your swift and comprehensive reply. Just what I needed to know.

    Let’s call it resolved now.
    Do we award stars on this board?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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