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  • Hey there,

    Honestly, I’m sure someone has touched on this subject before, but the issue is that searching for “WordPress DIY” and such leads to “DIY guides on how to create a wordpress site”. What I’m looking for is the complete opposite. Are there any utilities to faciliate creating image-heavy, multi-step DIYs on WordPress (self-hosted)?

    While this can absolutely be done simply via posts/pages and the built-in image gallery, I was wondering if there were any plugins to improve both the ease of creation and the UX. Given that DIYs are separated into steps, with many images, there very well may be. Honestly, the best example of what I’m looking for is something similar to’s Editor. In particular what I’m looking for is a similar image gallery when it comes to being able to insert editable, custom sized text boxes for a images on the fly. Perhaps editing as discrete steps instead of a single post would be nice as well.

    If there isn’t anything similar, than it would be a pity and perhaps a little less efficient, but perfectly manageable nonetheless.

    Anyway, I just wanted to ask before assuming. If this has already been touched on and someone could point be to a page I’d be grateful.

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  • At the risk of not being specific to a gallery of images, the suggestion below would accomplish your needs and give you the flexibility of explaining all the steps in your DIY tutorials.

    WordPress supports breaking up a post with the use of the nextpage tag. When editing your content, in the Text editor, you can break up your steps and sections with <!--nextpage--> in your content to indicate that those are separate pages within a post (pagination).

    There is something to be optimistic about. The new WordPress editor that everyone is excited about is codenamed Gutenberg. It does exactly what you described without any work. It’s still under testing, but it looks promising.

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    Thanks @joemanna (I hope that’s how you quote a user here). I didn’t get notified of the response. I guess that kinda means that for the moment, there isn’t. Hopefully that Gutenburg build bridges the gap.

    Do you have any link at hand where the functionality is shown or explained? I’d guess that would help give me an idea if it’s worth waiting for or if I should try to find another solution.

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