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  • Ayman



    I already made a website for a friend that is based on WordPress.
    The website is for a clothing shop but without shopping cart as he doesn’t need it for now. But he asked me about making him a member area where “Sellers” and “clients” of the shop could have an account.

    I don’t really have any Idea about how to start with this so I will try to explain what I need. So any Idea or suggestion would be so helpful.

    1. The manager of the shop should be able to add the photos, information and the color of each “clothing article” that should be visible only for logged in users “Sellers”, while the “clients” should be able to have a less info about each “Clothing Article” than the “Sellers”, of course only if they are logged in too.

    2. At the same time the manager should be able to show the latest catalogs too(Only for logged in users “Sellers and Clients”)

    3. The “Users” need to be organized by “Sellers” and “Clients” and than each “Section” should be organized through (Area, Name, etc..)

    Any Idea or suggestion about how to do this would be so much appreciated and helpful.

    Thank you.

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