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    Google opened their +1 button to all sites today. I was thinking about adding it to my site, but if there are plans to add it to ShareDaddy I’d just as soon hold off and do it the easy way.

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  • I’d like to +1 this suggestion!

    Agreed, this would be a nice option for ShareDaddy.

    At the moment, I suppose it might be possible to add Google +1 to ShareDaddy as a custom link (ie, Add a New Service) but I’m not sure.

    +1 for this. looked into adding it as a custom service, but doesn’t seem to follow the same “sharing url” format as most I’ve seen… just a piece of js.

    We’ve just released a Google +1 plugin that could take care of it in the interim

    I checked out the Google +1 Plugin – one major issue, it inserts the button inside the last paragraph of the post instead of after it. So it ends up with a lot of whitespace after the button.

    It looks like a simple change:
    //add_filter (‘the_content’, ‘google1button’, 1);
    add_filter (‘the_content’, ‘google1button’);

    It would still be nice to have this built into ShareDaddy so everything would be in one group, on one line – it uses less space and looks better. But this is a nice interim solution.

    +1 would also like the new twitter one.

    Alex, what is the new twitter one? One of these?

    Ah – I did that by using a text widget and copying the button code from Twitter.

    currently using it.

    Yes, please add Google Plus One button.

    I did some modifications to the Jetpack ShareDaddy plugin to put in Google +1 support. It’s always on, but until ShareDaddy is updated, I guess it will do. Details in my blog post:

    If you like it, maybe you can +1 it? 😉

    FWIW, the Google +1 plugin mentioned above by Farms – WPMU DEV above has some problems. When activated, the content display of some (seemingly random) posts and pages is completely disabled.

    Unfortunately, it appears to work at first, so I had it enabled for a couple of days before I realized that some of my content was missing… which makes it more dangerous than a plugin that doesn’t work at all, as far as I’m concerned.

    Hopefully they’ll fix it… they seem to have their sht together otherwise.

    Thanks, shazron. I’ve got it working on my site with your code (I used the second plug-in, since JMathewGore said the other had problems).

    Hmm, popular mobile browsers cannot see the +1 button. I tried on an iPhone 4 and iPad with latest firmware. Same with an Android Nexus One with 2.3.4 (using the built in browser).

    It DOES however work with Android with the mobile Firefox 4 and 5 beta browsers, and Palm Pre 2 WebOS (latest firmware). With the Pre 2, I had a lot of dialogs pop up to ask me to trust Google’s certificates, however.

    In their FAQ Google says it “may” be supported:

    Q. Will users on mobile browsers see the +1 button?
    A. We are not including the +1 button on mobile search results at this time. However, users may be able to see any +1 buttons you have added to your web pages.

    My guess is, there is an untrusted cert issue through one of the Google API calls, which just fails silently (which WebOS handles and Firefox doesn’t care about).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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