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    Hi Chris,

    Your plugin is very good and I like it, except for the fact that it is slowing down my website as the displayed images are not scaled, as the image dimensions are adjusted by CSS script (4 book covers it needs 165 Kb download). Thereby lowering my Gtmetrix score from 97 to 83 points. Caching does not solve the problem, I have tested it 🙂

    Is there any option to fix this ‘problem’? For example by replacing the imported Goodread image urls by some thumbnail urls which Goodsreads offer themselves via profile –> account settings –> widgets (create your own HTML widget).

    I am looking forward hearing from you.

    Thanks and regards,

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  • Plugin Author cmeeren


    Thanks for the feedback! Goodreads provides several different cover sizes through their API, so it is possible for me to add an option in the GR Progress Widget settings where one can specify which size to use. Unfortunately my time and energy to maintain this (free) plugin is very limited, so I can’t promise if or when it will be done. I’ll keep it in mind, though.

    Hi Chris,

    I can understand that your time is limited, especially when it comes down to changing the script of a free plugin.

    To create an additional option in your plugin is one idea, another idea I have is only changing the URL that imports the default book covers into ones with smaller dimensions in the current plugin. In this case the small and large option still scales the book cover image, but relatively less than the current situaties.

    My current four displayed books with option ‘small’ enabled:

    – 318x414px –> scaled down to 31x39px
    – 302x475px –> scaled down to 31x47px
    – 297x475px –> idem to 31x48px
    – 296x475px –> idem to 31x48px

    When I enable the ‘large’ option, my book covers are displayed max with an 73px width. This would imply that imported book covers with an max width of 100px would do the job, which would yield a 80-90% reduction in file size compared to the current ones 🙂

    Anyway, this is just a suggestion and I already appreciate the effort you have put in.


    Groetjes uit Nederland 🙂


    Plugin Author cmeeren


    Unfortunately, the final rendered sizes for the “Large” and “Small” options in the widget settings are dependent on the WordPress theme. I’ve seen several sites using this plugin that has much larger covers than yours, where even for the “Small” setting you would need the large cover image to make it look good. So I can’t base the cover size to fetch on the widget’s size setting.

    One simple fix that you can do yourself, though, is to go to where the plugin is installed (IIRC it’s something like your WordPress directory/wp-content/plugins/gr-progress), then find the file Shelf.php, search for “book_large_image_url” and replace it by either “book_medium_image_url” or “book_small_image_url”.

    Afterward you’ll need to go to the widget settings and clear the cover image cache (check the relevant checkbox toward the bottom of the settings and save).

    Yes that did the job Chris. Thank very much, you made my day!

    The score is up to 97 again 🙂


    Plugin Author cmeeren


    Great, happy to have helped. 🙂

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