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  • Anonymous

    I want to change my web site to a blog format. I want to delete everything I have on the web site and start over with the blog, but I can’t figure out how to delete my current index page.

    This is important, because the URL for the web site is the same as the URL for the blog.

    I’ve posted a couple of questions with no responses. If you are knowledgeable about WordPress, I’m willing to send you money through PayPal to answer my question.

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  • moshu


    1. You are impatient: In 14 hours you posted 3 times the same question. All your dupliacte posts will be deleted.

    2. Read the forum rules: especially section F regarding paid support. You need to post a contact address.

    3. Using a FTP client you can delete every existing file and folder before installing WP.


    You are correct, Moshu, I am feeling impatient. I was afraid my question would get burried, like I see has happened to so many others. There are so many questions on this forum that have no replies.

    I’m sorry this has offended you.

    As for your point #3, I have used my FTP client to delete everything I think I can safely delete. My problem is I don’t know if I might be deleting something I need. I’ve deleted every page I can see. I’m thinking there must be a file I’m not seeing.

    With all humility, do you have another suggestion?

    Finally, is there some place I can contact an expert in WordPress who would be available reliably to answer my questions?

    My point in offering to pay, is when people are being paid, they are usually more willing to help.

    Thanks kindly for any help you can give me. I am feeling rather desperate



    I understand your desperation…and you didn’t offend me, personally. (Just the rules 🙂

    So, please, read it again what I wrote: post a contact (email) address when you are asking for paid help. Those who are willing to offer such help know well that it is forbidden for them to post here (didn’t you read the rules at the link I provided?). You can complain here endlessly and nobody will post anything because they are waiting for a contact address to contact you in private. THAT’s the rule.
    I don’t care why you want paid support. All I care is that your READ the replies and click the links provided. And act accordingly, without commenting.

    Alternatively, you can post your request for paid support to the wp-pro mailing list:


    My contact is

    And never mind about helping me this time – I’ve received the help I needed.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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