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  • Hi all,
    I think the structure of these support pages is a bit difficult when it comes to find what and how many plugins are there (did I totally miss it or there’s no such thing?).
    I’m a newbie to WordPress and my site is still under construction, I’ve many ideas but I don’t wish to reinvent the wheel, so I think it would be nice to see all plugins listed as subcategories.
    To announce a new plugin to the community, each maintainer should sticky-post the manifest. Related discussions could then follow in the same subcategory or, even better, ordered as “requests”, “comments”, “hacks”, “howto” and so on.
    What’s your opinion?

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  • Well, because plugins are developed all around, there can’t be an exhaustive, omnipotent plugin list. BUT there are sites like (official repository),, and the Codex for a list of plugins.

    On pages like Blogging Pro or Weblog Tools Collection you can also find plugins with a little more information.

    As for announcements, there is a forum Plugins and Hacks where people usually announce plugins, plus with the help of the new tags you can find plugin announcements too (there is a tag called theme announcements, but I’m not sure if there’s one for plugin ann.) but plugin announcements seem to be tagged as ‘plugin’ or ‘plugins’.

    If every plugin was a subcategory in the forum, there would be a flood of subcategories. Usually plugin authors announce their plugins at their site (in addition to the forums) and want people to post feature requests/comments/bugs/questions there.

    Thanks Minna, obviously shame on me: as usual, newbies hate search tools.
    Having so many lists however is a bit confusing to me but I understand the need to keep release code and development code separated.
    Regarding the risk of flood of subcategories, you’re right. In my mind, I had a level-2 category for the plugins subject and a level-3 category for each plugin. Comments, howtos would be level-4. But I don’t know if this is manageable.
    As for the announcements category, I would keep them separate from help requests like they do in the newsgroups.

    To keep plugin announcements separated from help requests, the poster only needs to use plugin announcement tag instead of just plugin(s). Unless there’s an “official” guideline for such cases.

    I never trust one plugin page to be exhaustive so that’s why I check several resources (and it’s always good to get a different point of view) when I’m searching for plugins. I noticed that Blogging Pro is mentioned on the Codex page for plugins which was what I was about to suggest (adding more than the 2 known plugin resources to the plugin page).

    For me plugin searching has been easy because I’ve never known what I *need* but only find plugins that “could be cool” 🙂

    (Btw, I love how you spelled ‘separated’ correctly. It’s a rare treat.)

    Edit Oh by the way, I didn’t even realise… were/are you planning this sort of plugin list as the topic of your site? Or did you mean your post as an improvement suggestion to these forums?

    My post was only a suggestion. I switched over from another CMS recently (Nu****s). WP is fantastically simpler to manage and also easier to skin in my opinion, but I miss that one’s straightforward “Get Plugins” link. So attracting.

    Btw, I can’t feel how it tastes ‘separated’ spelled differently. Since I’m not mother tongue, I just stick to the dictionary. Thanks for the compliment however.


    Having used only Notepad and Greymatter (for barely a month xD ) for blogging in the past, I couldn’t have even asked for a luxury like “Get Plugins” link 🙂 Surely there could be a link to a plugin list from somewhere around here.

    Too many people write ‘seperated’, so correct spelling simply warms my heart. I confess, I’m a nutty grammar/typo/misspelling freak 🙂

    There’s also a few of us that haven’t put plugins into the codex or wp-plugins repositories as yet… 😉 CG-PowerPack is my group of stuff.


    Which is exactly why people shouldn’t rely on the so-called official resources (how could I’ve found CG-Inline if I had stared blindly at Codex or something like that? 😛 ).

    Anyway, there is now a Get Plugins link at the bottom of the Plugin list (in WP admin interface) but the site’s not finished. But some sort of wheels are turning.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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