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  • I’m new to both WP and to WC. I’m interested in using the Canvas theme by WooThemes, but I can’t find any nice examples of sites which have used this theme and given it a unique look. Anyone have any links to share?

    I also need to have flexible content area for my site. Non-store and non-blog. Static pages. I’m not sure if Canvas has what I need. I also saw a really nice theme on The Theme Forest called “The Retailer”, but again, not sure if offers enough options for static pages. Again, I’m new to WP, so perhaps I’m missing something here.


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  • Plugin Author James Koster


    It doesn’t necessarily demonstrate Canvas’ flexibility but I think this is a great example of a WooCommerce / Canvas site;

    Loads of products, really quick and easy to navigate.

    Thanks James! Yeah, definitely not an example of a lot of redesigning of the theme, but cool to see functionality-wise. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Thanks for the feedback and the link to your site. I’m going to check it all out and perhaps I’ll be in touch.

    PootlePress has many useful tutorials and example of snippets that illustrate how flexible canvas is…

    Great question. Thanks everyone for the great answers. I really liked Renegadesk example of the Peterson Group Accountants … and would dearly love to know exactly how some of the features were done.

    Especially the gridded boxes with the overlays (as well as the header slider)?

    Care to share?



    Thanks Bonnie πŸ™‚

    The gridded boxes were done with CSS3 transitions. I can’t remember exactly where I picked this up but there was a tutorial on Codrops, which is s my usual go to place for cool effects like this. Incredible resource!

    With the header slider, I used flex slider. I started by making the entire slider full width then I used the content class to center the actual slider content. I’m also using Advanced Custom Fields so the client can choose the background colour, slider and overlay content from the backend. I don’t think they have ever logged in to see this though! haha I still enjoyed making it.

    I think Canvas might have a full width slider in the latest version now too which would save a heap of time if you’re trying to do this.


    Thanks Renegadesk!

    Wow, Codrops — what a resource. Will need to spend a ton of time there.
    Guess I need to start playing with transitions.

    Did you use Flexslider directly or buy the WooSlider Plugin to make it work?
    I have a feeling that Flexslider is more powerful then the Plugin lets one be.

    Cool with the Advanced custom fields — I haven’t delved into that yet.
    Not sure how that would all work.

    Yes, the current Canvas has the full-width slider built into the business template.

    Another question … did you use the woo-widget-page areas to get all the different areas on your home page?

    — For others … you really have to check out this example of Canvas. Really nice job.



    I used flex slider directly so I could use ACF to build the slide content instead of what’s built in with WooSlider (which is not much as you pointed out!). Here’s a screenshot of the slider custom fields in the backend. I can add, remove and re-order slides easily. It works awesome.

    I didn’t use the woo-widget-page areas for the homepage, I used a custom page template with ACF again for each of the different sections. First I created the entire page just with HTML then I turned each part that I wanted to allow the client to edit into a custom field with ACF. I’d like to further improve this using ACF flexible content field.

    Cheers again Bonnie, I’m stoked to get some good feedback on my work!

    After seeing what you’ve done with all of this — making it look so easy. πŸ˜‰ Part of the problem with Canvas is that you can do anything — and the wonderful thing about Canvas is that you can do anything! πŸ˜‰
    ACF you are referring to is the one by Elliot…
    Now I have my work cut out for me … going direct with FlexSlider instead of paying for the plug-in, ACF and Transitions. All great stuff.
    Thank you for sharing your secrets!

    Any other examples of Canvas websites out there that you’ve done?

    Just downloaded and added my first fields using some conditional logic as well to add some info to a product page in WooCommerce (now I just have to figure out how to get it to show up in the page template!). Yay me! I can see this plug-in is going to be my friend!

    Love the peel off the page effect on the slider for the WestWaters site. How’d you do that? CSS3 again?

    PS .. nothing showing up for the Brunswick site — site resolves, but nothing loads. Web inspectors just shows <head></head><body></body>

    Now that is one heck of a slider! Thanks for sharing that!
    Awesome. Do you have an affiliate link for that one? You can get a piece of the pie when I buy! πŸ˜‰
    All this is going to make my development so much easier — after the minor set back of having to figure it all out.
    Well it’s time for tea so maybe Brunswick will be back later. Thanks again for all your pointers and help.

    Hi Renegadesk

    I’ve taken a look at the sites you’ve built using the Canvas framework and I think they’re superb!

    Do you have any more you can show us?

    I’m a designer myself and I’m in the process of figuring out how to create totally unique sites designs based on the Canvas framework, instead of relying modifying existing theme design, or just adjusting the themes built in settings.

    When you showed us what’s possible with your examples it really inspired me.

    Can you show us any more themes you’ve designed based on the Canvas framework?

    Many thanks!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    As these sort of topics get spammy I’m closing this topic down.

    If you have a WordPress site you’d like to show off then please post ONE link in the Your WordPress sub-forum.

    Don’t spam that sub-forum, that’s not good either. πŸ˜‰

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