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  • I’d like a plugin like the review system on Amazon. Their review system allows users to write a comment, and to rate up to 5 stars. Each posted comment shows how many stars that reviewer gave, and the page keeps track of the totals. So far all the plugins I found just show the total stars.

    kaethy – have you seen this one?

    No, never saw it before, thanks for the link. Very nice, but I can’t justify that expense at this point, maybe later, if my project takes off.

    Hi, well I’m desperate to get something for business listings, along the lines of yellow pages etc. I know there are plenty of php scripts out there, and I probably get more requests by people to list themselves than anything else at the moment.
    Good luck, whatever you decide.

    I desperately need something that does what is described here:


    kaethy: Ah, I didn’t notice the price. It was just the first thing that came up when I searched. I’m sure theres something out there for you though.

    mikey1: can you give me more info about what you are trying to do?

    thirdeyetc: So, a list of posts for each category – sorted by date? or only showing a particular month/year? Are you talking about letting the visitor choose the month/year, then showing all the posts separated by categories? Or simply showing all posts sorted by date, separated by categories?

    Well, there are many requests regarding the integrated gallery feature.

    Lately, people use WordPress more and more as a CMS and so pages become more important. Does WordPress actually have a pagination for pages – so user can go from one page to another (I know, we could do this manually)?

    A perfect breadcrumb navigation – if you have posts in more than one category or you have sub-categories – is currently not possible.

    Monthly archive per category.

    Suggestions enough?

    WordPress has had pagination support for posts and pages for some time now, but you have to have the proper code in your theme to generate the links.

    For breadcrumb trails, there are several plugins, such as:

    As for monthly archives per category, I have written code to do this before, I will just have to find it again. I’m assuming it is the same thing thirdeyetc is asking about.

    Here is one I just found – post listing by category:

    Also, my sitemap generator plugin also gives the same result – a list of posts separated by category, sorted however you like.

    Hi Dagon, yes, at the moment I really need the equivalent of yellow pages, buiness type, address, telephone, fax email, that kind of stuff. I’ve tested a few scripts, but I really need it embedded in wordpress so that users, can add to it, hope the info helps.
    all the best.

    mikey1: If the ability for users to add to it themselves is the only reason you want to do it in WordPress, I am sure that some stand-alone PHP business directory scripts allow the same thing. Just because WordPress allows visitors to add data to the site, does not really mean it would work well when used in that type of format. Even modifying a stand-alone script to allow user input would probably be more efficient.

    Hi Dagon, thanks, yes, I think you are right, I’ve done that before, it just got a bit tricky with all the different user names etc., mind you, its a bit like that now, as i still have a seperate news area I created with Xoops. WordPress has been great, especially with integration with bbpress. Thanks for the help.

    Evita: what did you have in mind for that archives by category code?

    Oh, it´s not for me, but I read many requests form other users in the forum like:

    request 1
    request 2
    request 3
    request 4

    The awesome plugin Custom Field GUI, badly needs an update. Original site for this plugin is here:

    The author was working on it from 2005-2007, but there hasn’t been a word since April 2007. I think it’s abandoned.

    The plugin is excellent and I have used it for years. If anyone else uses Custom Fields (and you fill them out yourself, on each post you write), I would consider this essential.

    What it’s lacking is mainly: It needs 1 more type of GUI added. It already has “Radio Buttons” (Choose 1 of the options below: Apple, Orange, Kiwi). But it does NOT have Multiple Select Check-Boxes (Choose 1 OR MORE of the options).

    Custom Fields can be used for anything. For me, an example is, let’s say the post is about a Song. Then I have the custom field: Who sings this song? And I have the singers listed, so I can just check them off. The problem comes when there are 2 or 3 singers for the same song. WP lets you put multiple values (Trevor, Josh, Ben) for the same custom field key (singer). But the plugin doesn’t let you do this. It makes you choose just 1 singer.

    I think you could fix / improve this easily. And you could publicize it with the awesome Dagon site, so that more people learn how great it is to have a Graphical User Interface for Custom Fields.

    I would only be able to donate a few dollars personally, but I will pledge to donate a few bucks if you do this one.

    EDIT: I was just told of another plugin that MIGHT already do this, anyone use this one?

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