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  • Haven’t seen this before, and doesn’t occur on my own blogs.

    I’ve tried deactivating several plugins that I thought I had installed on a client’s site, but to no avail, I’m not getting an options/manage page for the backup plugin, thus no backups are being sent via cron, nor can I manually backup the database via the plugin.

    (Please save the lectures on other ways of doing this, etc. It’s not just my personal choice, many people prefer the no-brainer plugin option. Obviously someone thought enough of it to package it as a default plugin…)

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  • What’s the info on the host? I struggled with it a while back, but it was:
    a) IIS / PHP
    b) An older version of PHP

    Never did get it sorted… is about the time I reformatted the server to be linux.

    If they on Windows instead of Linux.. that *might* be a possible problem, I’m *not* sure though.. while doing WP installs for people lately.. some were on Windows, and certain “things” are limited, as to when being on a Linux server.. to the Windows.

    With my current Vindictive Bastard blog, I used that default backup plugin, with no problems.. running on a Linux server.. Sad to say, I actually had more problems with GamerZ DB manager, then the default backup plugin.. =/

    Has Handy said though, could be: b) An older version of PHP


    I haven’t looked at what may have been upgraded on the site, but the plugin used to work. I did upgrade it to the newer version in August, and the mentioned a few weeks ago that they had stopped getting their backups. I tried uploading an older version of the plugin, but to no avail.

    Anyone know if there are any database tables for the plugin I could try deleting?

    Did a quick glance at the db, don’t see any settings there.

    Reckon I’m stumped. Anything interesting in apache err logs?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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