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  • I threw this together based off an older template that I created a few months back. I was thinking it would be a great candidate for my first publicly released theme. Any thoughts?

    Screenshot via Carbonmade.

    I’m still trying to squash one bug. The template functions properly and looks as it should in IE, FF, Opera, and Safari.

    Unfortunately, I can not figure out why the bottom div is shifted to the left 14px after conducting a local search with no results. Everything else works fine.

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  • looks great to me

    looks sweet! Awaiting the release!

    looks good. although i didnt like the last one with blue / puple flavor. go ahead and work on it please.

    Very nice indeed I was impressed.

    Yee great one, this other themes in the gallery, they are not public probably 🙁 ???

    I love single-column themes. Can’t wait for the release of this one.

    I wish they were set up in %ages instead of pixels.

    Mine looks great on my laptop then I go down ta Future shop ta play on their wide screens and it is totaly stupid lookin…all narrow and stuff BAHHHH!!!!

    I’ve never done up my own them for anything before..only modified others, but this is makin think I should give it a go. I feel kinda dumb…found a whole load a themes!!!

    Anyone beable ta guide me to some that fill a screen?

    Too many for me ta just hope ta find one:) I’ll be there lookin for a week!

    i’ve changed the template up a little bit. i think i’ve resolved the bug i was trying to stomp. hope to get this template up on my site by tomorrow evening. new screenshot of bottom container here.

    piotr82: was there a specific theme?

    cool, looks really great

    well no i see this are the pages themes, non wordpress
    but if they would be a wordpress theme, well very unique ones

    good luck with your wp new theme, will wait for it and gives you a support when it will be public :]

    This one looks really nice :

    a live redesign is up on my main page at 5thirtyone

    It looks great but I have totally overdosed on the color green…. it’s as if no other color exists.I think it’s time to move on and realize there are other colors in the rainbow… lol.

    Hey i like green , green ROX :

    i’ve updated the theme with a new commenting system as well as a few minor tweaks to the stylesheet. let me know what you think.

    i’m planning for a release by this evening or late monday evening.

    i plan on releasing without the foliage header in multiple stylesheets to make it easier for user to choose. meta data is still in the works and will be included in the release.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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