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    Hello guys. Today I upgraded one server from PHP 5.4.28 to PHP 5.4.29 and suddenly my WP sites were unable to upgrade plugins, themes or the WP itself if I click on re-install.

    The resulting page is showing that kind of error where the system is unable to download the package, looking something like http //

    May this be due to some CURL weirdness? any way to troubleshoot/reconfigure this or test if cURL is working fine?

    I can recall WP has the ability to use several channels, like HTTP or FTP. Can anyone point me to any available doc?

    Thanks in advance

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  • jnhghy


    Hi, since the major change you did was to update php thwn I’ll try to troubleshoot that…

    Is your webserver log file showing any errors when you attempt to update/install plugins?
    Have you manually modified any php core files that might have gotten overwritten?
    What is the exact error that you get? You can make a screenshot of the page and share it(saying the page is showing some kind of error like when… is not very specific and might miss a lot of important info)

    We’ll wait for the info…

    Marcelo Pedra


    Hello, I finally solved it. It was a weird hiccup in the server. I ended recompiling Apache and PHP several times with different setup combinations until I figured out that the setting from cPanel that allow to “Silence Deprecated PHP Errors” was colliding with the natural error catcher in the core of WP. Once I recompiled the system without using that option, voila.
    (Finally. It was driving me nuts.)
    Thanks for watching.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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