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  • So I have this idea that I want to offer a normal podcast, and an “enhanced” podcast for my iTunes subscribers. I got to thinking about schemes of doing this, and I was wondering if any had any ideas on how I could do this.

    The main thing I want to avoid is people getting two files. That would double my storage and bandwidth for each podcast, and would double the amount of disk space they were using for each one, too (granted they can delete the one they don’t want, but I can’t get my bandwidth back).

    At first I was thinking I could have three feeds: the blog, the podcast, and the enhanced podcast, and maybe do some kind of trickery with categories. Really, though, I’d much rather have the option for the user to subscribe to one of two podcasts.

    The first way I see to do this would be to actually have two blogs that duplicate all content except the podcast entries (where they would differ only in which file they enclosed).

    Can anyone think of an easier way to do it? Maybe something that was automated?

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  • Why not try feedburner?

    I’m actually using feedburner right now, but I’m not sure how it can help in this regard.

    I’ve thrown out an idea for the guys at Feedburner that received an “added to the list” response. To me, it makes perfect sense for Feedburner to: offer up AAC/MPEG4 files to requests from iTunes (and hence, iPods) and MP3s to all other requests, of course, as long as the author supplies both.

    See my post here in the Feedburner forums.

    It could easily be implemented at the item level and would be transparent to the podcast subscriber.

    PS. If you like the idea, I’m sure a few extra comments on the forums post wouldn’t hurt.

    Could you do something with user levels to only allow certain people the status to download the enhanced podcast?

    Tollie.. I *do* like that idea. I’ll go check out the thread.

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